Vetting a Digital Marketing Firm – 3 Deal Making or Deal Breaking Factors you MUST Consider

Vetting a Digital Marketing Firm - by Jose Miguel VeraThe era of “fair and equal opportunity” on the Internet is over, which means that when it comes to digital marketing strategies, a cookie cutter approach for small and medium sized businesses will simply not work. Even just a year ago, online marketing was a much different game than it is today. When Optimum7 was founded nine years ago, you were practically guaranteed rankings, traffic, and ultimately monetary gains if you were able to set up the right infrastructure, abide by certain rules and generate content consistently. Those wise enough to invest marketing dollars in strategies like SEO and paid search faced one of three outcomes.

Generating Leads from a B2B Outreach Strategy

Generating Leads from a B2B Outreach StrategyLong gone are the days of hoping your ideal customer will come across an advertisement you posted in a newspaper or magazine, or hear your jingle on a local radio station and contact you for more information. And aren’t we all thankful for that? Since the world digitized, we finally have the ability to track, measure and analyze our outreach efforts. We can now make personal connections with companies that need, or who may not even know they need, our services.

#That’s #NOT #How #We #Use #Hashtags #!!!

Dear social media user,

You want to increase the number of people who follow you, reach people outside your fan base and generally have the whole world acknowledge how well you cook or how beautiful last night’s dress was. Sorry to break the news, but you’re not going to get anywhere using hashtags the way you do. While the internet may not have actual laws about using the hashtag, there is certainly an unspoken set of rules that people should follow!

Let me ask you a simple yet important question:

E-Commerce Store Migration 101: What You Need to Know Before Migrating Your E-Commerce Store

E-Commerce Store Migration 101- What You Need to Know Before Migrating Your E-Commerce StoreWe receive several calls every day from people frustrated with their current shopping cart on their websites. Typically, these issues are fairly easy to fix, so we tell them what they need to know or guide them to the right forums, they get their problem fixed, and move on. Other times, we get calls from people that have just had it with their current e-commerce solution and just want out. The technology is outdated and not user friendly, they want custom functionality that their current solution doesn’t support, or they are simply looking to switch to something more modern and scalable.

Things to Consider When Producing Potentially Viral Content

Things to Consider When Producing Potentially Viral ContentA dream of almost any business that heavily utilizes digital marketing strategies is producing content that actually goes viral. Who doesn’t want their content spread across the Internet? After all, that’s how you transition from nobody into somebody, isn’t it?  But is it a good way to help customers remember your brand? And, more importantly, what happens to a brand after it produces viral content?

Restaurant Ordering System; OrderUp and GrubHub Clone

Restaurant Ordering System; OrderUp and GrubHub CloneOrdering food for delivery has become incredibility popular thanks to integrated online ordering systems. Mostly large pizza chains such as Dominos paved the way for the convenience of ordering food online. Their “Track Your Pizza” functionality is still very famous. Since ordering food for delivery online is very convenient, websites like GrubHub took advantage of this by aggregating thousands of restaurants and adding their menus to their system.

To All Small Firms: Why Your Customer Service Should Be Better Than Comcast’s

To All Small Firms: Why Your Customer Service Should Be Better Than Comcast’sOnly a few days ago, I had a heated phone conversation with a brand new customer. The focus of the conversation was our response time to an email he had sent only a few hours prior to our call. He was so upset that he was ready to cancel his service with us. Needless to say, I managed to convince him that this was a simple misunderstanding and he didn’t cancel.

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Why You Need a Detailed Scope Out Before Executing a Web Redesign Project

Why You Need a Detailed Scope Out Before Executing a Web Redesign ProjectRegardless of its size and model, a website redesign is a delicate and often complex undertaking for any business. In today’s competitive market, the design of a website is more than just your “online presentation card;” it is the face of your brand and your identity. And, now more than ever, it is the means by which many businesses generate and conduct business. This kind of project can have a direct effect on your revenue stream, which means the firm you hire may be holding the livelihood of your business in their hands.

How to Handle Behavioral Problems in Your Office as a Project Manager

How to Handle Behavioral Problems in Your Office as a Project ManagerHave you ever worked in a perfect work environment? One where people respect each other’s time, where they make an effort to support and encourage other team members any way they can, where there are no tattle-tales?

I know I haven’t, so if you have I really envy you.

Whether it’s small or large, every organization is home to a handful of these kinds of people. And the simple truth is that you have no other option but to learn to deal with them. That is, if you’re planning on a successful, long-term career!

How We Created an Integrated Realtor Website Using Miami RETS and WordPress CMS

Real Estate is a big part of the US economy. Therefore, there are millions of people searching online for the house of their dreams to rent or buy. Of course, these house-hunters have many alternatives while conducting their searches.

  1. They could use one of the major realty websites such as or, which spend millions of dollars on their fully integrated systems and marketing. These websites help users instantly get to the listings and filter down to the houses that they might be interested in. Considering the fact that keywords such as “buy a home” or “homes for sale” can cost as much as $30 per click, it’s obvious that real estate is a very competitive market.

Do Press Releases Still Work?

Do Press Releases Still Work?

The title alone can have most of you scratching your heads. That is, unless you know the basics of Google’s newest algorithm update, Panda 4.0, which was released in May 2014.

But before I analyze the changes involved in this update, I want to emphasize the fact that press releases still have a purpose. As a freelance journalist outside of my role at Optimum7, I heavily rely on press releases to retrieve accurate, sufficient information about an assigned event, person or story. Press releases offer the ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘when,’ ‘where’ and ‘why’ WITHOUT the fluff, or at least, that’s what they’re supposed to do. While I can’t speak for journalists who receive press releases through snail mail every day, I can imagine there is still a lot of junk to sift through.

5 Tips to Make Sure that You Have a Great WordPress Blog Post Structure

5 Tips to Make Sure that You Have a Great WordPress Blog Post StructureWe are a marketing company. Most companies in our field will take the route of explaining how to make your page more SEO friendly, and will give tips on how to rank on Google (blah, blah, blah). That’s not what this article’s about, but if you apply these tips then everything else will follow suit!

1. Titles

Have you ever created a title, written an entire article, and then realized the original title seems to make no sense? The first tip you can use is to choose your title last. Brainstorm all the brilliant ideas and possible titles, first, and jot everything down. Then, once you’re finished with the article you can go back and see which title fits the best.