Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the promotion of an internet website resulting in highly visible listings in the major Search Engines i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing using either or both Organic Search Engine Optimization or Pay per Click Marketing (PPC). Search Engine Listings can be broadly put into 2 distinct categories; PPC Listings and Organic Listings. Visually, these 2 categories can be seen in the following illustrated image of a typical Google search result: Google Search Engine Results

Google Search Engine Results

The green shaded box is where you will always find the 10 top listings on the first page of results. These listings are organic listings and are not advertisements. They represent the 10 most RELEVANT web pages for the keyword being searched as rated by Google. No money was paid to Google for these listings… these results are earned through successful Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Goolge Search Graphic

The 2 blue-shaded areas just above and to the right of the organic listings are the paid advertisements or PPC listings. In general, these ads represent the successful bids of the advertisers, although this is certainly not the only criteria involved (see PPC Management for more on this).

So it is successful SEO that generates high organic, sometimes called, natural listings. It is successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management that produces sponsored ads. These are the two broadly defined areas of Search Engine Marketing.


Optimum7 SEO is our flagship Search Engine Marketing Service. The main advantage of Optimum7 SEO vs. others you may investigate is that the service is entirely focused on results and the ROI of our clients. To explain how we are different, consider the following “packages” of services offered by other so-called SEO companies:

  • Link building programs – one example is the promise of 150 backlinks in 4 months… price, $8,000
  • Meta Tag Creation
  • Directory Submissions
  • Site Map Creation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Page Optimization
  • Press Releases
  • Copywriting

And the list goes on…

Do you see anything here that says anything about results as it affects your bottom line? Do you even understand how the above services do anything to generate positive results? How can you make a determination or anything close to an informed business decision on these “packages” that are sold separately and therefore are not integrated or focused on anything?

Quoting from another SEO website “… our fees are based upon how much work needs to be done…” In other words, their fees are about them and not about you.

We have a better answer… a much better answer!

Consider this: As much as 65% of our fees at Optimum7 are contingent and scaled upon the actual results achieved by our search engine professionals. Results = high rankings / visible rankings. In fact these performance-based fees are only paid if your traffic from organic sources actually increases on a sliding scale basis. When we say we are focused on results, it’s not just a bunch of talk. This is serious business and serious production.

Optimum7 SEO is a service paid largely on performance regardless of the number of SEO sub-specialties we employ. We customize our SEO solutions based on the results of our findings in the all important RESEARCH STEP. Once completed, we take the results of the research to custom design an execution plan and schedule which can involve any and all combinations of our main sub-specialties:

  • Client Consultation & Consulting
    • Keyword Research
    • Competitive Research
  • On-Site Optimization – reformulation and reconfiguration of all of the “internals” of the site and each of the web pages within the site with the objective of making them “search-engine friendly.”
  • Off-Site Optimization – the creation and deployment of unique and highly relevant and targeted content published throughout the web, each with a direct one-way arrow directly pointing to complementary content located within your website.
  • Content – both on-site and off-site optimization is dependent on the steady stream of fresh, unique and relevant content.
  • Copywriting – while some clients have copywriting capabilities in-house, Optimum7 offers this service for those who do not have the human resources to consistently produce the content needed for successful SEO; in essence, the makings of a turn-key solution.
  • Indexing – Submissions to online directories to gain additional one way links to the website.
  • Sitemap Submissions – to all major search engines to insure that the spiders understand what your pages are all about. Continuing this process is critical as new, fresh content is added regularly.
  • Social Media – syndication of unique, relevant content throughout the social media, as appropriate, to sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Social Bookmarking – syndication and promotion using bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon.

Having listed all of the major sub-specialties involved, it still doesn’t complete what we mean by Optimum7 being a performance-based service and not a set of individual, pay through the nose, seemingly unrelated services. It goes beyond even that. Consider that Google is changing all of the time. What we did last year to accomplish great results is different than what we are doing this year… next year and future years will bring plenty more changes. You don’t need to be concerned with Optimum7 because you are covered by Optimum7 SEO — a service that is results based — what this means to you is that regardless of the inevitable changes in search engine technology, you are paying for service… not the packages. It is your insurance against “package obsolescence.”

So why pay $8,000 here and $10,000 there for individual packages with no commitment or incentive to actually perform for you? What good are 150 backlinks or 20 articles and 6 press releases if you are still nowhere to be found on the search engines?

Use Optimum7 SEO for high performance that is tailored to meet your criteria.

Search Engine Marketing from Optimum7. Not packages. Results!

November 21, 2011