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Many businesses start their online operations with Shopify because it’s affordable and is supported by most operating systems. It’s even good enough for NBA organizations! If you’re just starting out and your are a small to medium sized business, Shopify may seem like the right platform for your business needs. However, like most things in life, you’ll eventually outgrow your current platform and this is probably why you’re now considering migrating to Oracle. Oracle ATG is the ultimate eCommerce platform for enterprises. Oracle is highly customizable and has a configurable framework that allows you to build and support your growing eCommerce business.

So, the good news is you’re growing and the bad news is you now have to do something about it, specifically tailor your eCommerce operations so that your business can handle all of the new sales.

Migrating an eCommerce store from Shopify to Oracle will require a considerable amount of time and extreme attention to detail. You’ll need to first understand the architectural framework of your own eCommerce operation on Shopify, and then get a good understanding of Oracle. Next, figure out how to seamlessly migrate all of your products’ data and related attributes such as the product description, reviews, SKU number, etc. without disrupting your current operation. This is something that Optimum7, a Digital Marketing Technology firm can do for you with the help of our talented program developers who can design an automated process that can complete the migration process within weeks. If you are currently doing over $10+ million in annual revenue or expect to reach that milestone soon, Oracle ATG might be the right eCommerce solution for you.

What kind of data can be migrated from Shopify to Oracle ATG?

What kind of data can be migrated from Shopify to Oracle ATG?
  • Product images and descriptions, product attributes, product variants, SKUS
  • Categories and category images
  • Customers’ contact information
  • Invoices, orders, coupon codes, and other sales-related information
Additional Options
  • Re-organize your inventory to a proper parent/child listing
  • Add custom functionalities that improve shoppers’ buying experience
  • Safeguard your product images URLs
  • Bulk edit your category names and descriptions without HTML tags
  • 301 redirect during eCommerce migration to avoid loss of or decrease in organic traffic

How It Works

  • 1. Request a Quote from Optimum7
  • 2. Provide All Shopping Cart Details
  • 3. Choose All the Data You Want to Transfer
  • 4. Optimum7 will Migrate the Data
  • 5. Review & Enjoy Your New Store!
We have already migrated more than 2,000 eCommerce stores!


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Hosted Cart with an SSL
  • Immense Ecommerce App Store
  • Restricted Access to Checkout Pages
  • One Page Checkout is Nonexistent
  • Not Good for International Use
  • 100 Product Variations Limit

Oracle ATG

  • Multi-channel sales with powerful personalization
  • Best in-class management functionality
  • Multi-site support
  • Built-in application for the iPhone
  • Selecting placements platform
  • The security features of Oracle ATG do not include field-level security and password management.
  • The software does not offer administrative features such as document management, estimates, and quoting.
  • The cost of the platform is approximately over $500,000 for the first year and over $100,000 the second and third year.

Why migrate with Optimum7?

Optimum7 provides a fully automated migration that doesn't require any programming skills on your part. Through our services, you’re guaranteed to achieve an effortless and successful switch, free from bothersome bugs and glitches. You’ll have a newly established store that will provide the transformation you're looking for with everything in tact.


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