What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves writing content specific to the products and services you offer. For example, say your business has something to do with cars. “Cars” is a very competitive term and it will be very difficult to rank high in Google search for it. However, through the use of content marketing you can chip away at your competitors by saturating the internet with useful and relevant information that will help Google to see you as an authority on your topic. You’ll need to cover things like brands, used versus new cars, specific car features, parts, service, and on and on. All things related to cars is the type of content that you will have to permeate your website with. Only when all those things are covered will Google accept you as an authority on the topic and begin to rank you higher in organic search.

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Google Instant Preview and SEO

The introduction of Google’s Instant Previews has brought with it an increased need for organic SEO rankings as well as a targeted landing page that’s informative and to the point. Now before users clicks the search result and goes to your site, they can preview whether your site is relevant to their searches or not. Bottom line: If you don’t have enough quality backlinks to boost your organic rankings in the SERPs and if your pages are not specifically targeted for the keywords you are optimizing for (including textual and design elements), you are likely to get less traffic and leads from organic results.

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Google Reputation Management

Google is the most often used search engine in the world and there is a reason for this. It is the best i.e. the public widely agrees that searches on Google provide fast and highly relevant results. With this comes trust. When people trust the results of a search engine, it means that whenever your company or your name shows up in results, you want those results to be positive. Google Reputation Management is all about keeping your positive information on the top pages and eliminating or relegating negative comments buried past page 10 or worse.

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