How Long Does It Take To See SEO Results?

Many online business owners are looking for ways to increase their visibility on the Internet and are turning to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to do so. Unfortunately, many of these same people have the false hope of immediate visibility and results. There are many factors that influence how long it takes to see SEO results. Understanding these factors and having realistic expectations of your results is important for a successful SEO and internet marketing.

Any SEO Company or SEO Specialist that has a specific answer to the question “how long does it take” is simply not being candid.  No one can say for sure.  We have a great deal of cumulative experience on our staff here at Optimum7 and we have seen everything from a few weeks to more than a year before results of significance are achieved.

The only thing that an SEO company can do for a prospective client is to document very well the processes, execution plan and schedule and provide every assurance that the plan will be carried out as planned.  Further, the SEO can / should provide live results for existing clients and provide a historical perspective on how long certain key milestones were achieved.  The prospective client should be given the opportunity (we insist on it) to interview existing clients so they may gain the proper perspective and expectations through the client’s eyes.

There are some guidelines that can provide experienced SEO Companies with some level of expectations based on certain factors.

  1. How competitive are the most important keywords?  The more competitive the keyword(s), the longer it will take to generate significant results.
  2. How many Backlinks do the competitors on page 1 currently have vs. how many does the website in question have?  The wider the spread, the longer it is likely to take. Also, the number of domains linking to the site is an important metric.
  3. What is the Link Velocity of the main competition vs. the Link Velocity of the client website?  As the name implies this is a measure of the rate of growth of Backlinks coming to the site.  Obviously SEO can only be successful here is if our link velocity is higher than those we are trying to beat to the top of Google.
  4. What is the geographic scope of the targeted SEO strategy?  If you want to be found by anyone nationally or globally, it will generally take longer.  If you wish to be found only by local prospects, it will be quicker to rank because there is almost always less competition for geocentric keywords.  For instance, there are far few competing web pages for the phrase “eye doctor Houston” than for “eye doctor.”  Since someone looking for an eye doctor is much more likely to add a geocentric term like Houston, this is a sound and efficient strategy for Local SEO.
  5. Content Generation – the rate that a client and / or an SEO or other outside copywriter can generate new, fresh articles, blog posts, press release et al also influences the speed at which Backlinks can be achieved.  This is also affected by budget as the more content you outsource, the more it will cost.  However, keep in mind that in SEO there is no such thing as too much content … it is the fuel for all Backlink Growth Strategies.

One further factor in determining how long it will take is the ability of the hiring website owner to respond quickly to requests for information and all other forms of collaboration needed during the process, particularly in the early stages.

So, time is always of the essence in business, but in SEO it is not possible to pinpoint the time it will take to blossom into big time visibility.  The most important thing is to make sure that the right SEO is in place involving all of the right processes and strategies.

If time is of the essence for you, today is the day to get your website moving up in the rankings.  It starts with a no-obligation initial consultation.  Just contact us.