Ecommerce Packages

Ecommerce Package.Ecommerce is the business of selling products and services on the internet. Since the introduction of banking transfers back in the 70′s, Ecommerce technology has developed rapidly. It was mainly referred to as “Electronic Commerce” then. It evolved to what we know as “Internet Business” today after the introduction of World Wide Web in the early 90′s. Retail business was limited to local stores, shopping centers, mail order and phone order up until the 90′s but Ecommerce changed all that. Doing business online enables you to reach millions of people without the bricks and mortar.

Optimum7 is an expert in Ecommerce Systems. We do not agree with the “One Size Fits All” approach and we believe that every product or service requires a different set of functionalities and “optimizations” to be profitable over the internet. ANYTHING can be sold online as long as there’s demand, and a careful analysis of what’s necessary to integrate the buying process of the product or service with the website platform. Optimum7 reviews numerous factors which unfortunately are ignored by many, such as:

User Interaction with the shopping cart

This is essential in having a successful online business. You want users to want to come to your site because it’s easy to navigate: they can find what they’re looking for and purchase easily. Anything from the colors and images to buttons and text used, can affect this experience. How easy it for the visitor to buy? How long did it take? How many clicks did it take? Optimum7 focuses on user interaction from a conversion and Return on Investment (ROI) standpoint. The greater the sales and profitability we produce for you, the longer you will be our client.

Compatibility & Database

You need to be able to add, remove and update products or services easily. You might have a wholesale business where you want all or part of your products to be sold online at retail prices. You might want quantity and inventory integration between your wholesale and retail department, or to be able to equalize inventory once a week. No matter what your needs are, Optimum7 understands and makes recommendations accordingly. Even if you forget an important factor in succeeding in your online venture, we will be there to reinforce these principles for you.

Product Management

Optimum7 has a custom approach to product management for Ecommerce Sites. The Administration Panel for your ecommerce store is web based; we have the functionality to import your products from a database into your web store. We focus on conversion so functionalities such as Quantity Discounting and Multiple Pricing Levels give you a competitive edge against your competition. We offer literally hundreds of functionalities to enhance your online store and make it more profitable.

Customer Convenience

Customer experience and satisfaction is the number one priority in Ecommerce. You want customers to buy your products or services and come back to buy again. Optimum7 implements and utilizes what customers want to see. The “One Page Checkout” functionality ensures that users complete the purchase within 60 seconds and become customers. While Customer Reviews increase the buying experience as users post and read reviews about your products / services, Customer Login and History ensures that Customers are able to see the status of their orders, as well as view “Back in StockEmails and build a “Wish List” functionality.

Security & Reliability

In today’s online market with the high rates of identity theft and fraud, Optimum7 is committed to providing you a solution that is secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Features such as Integrated IP blocking, SSL Encryption and Multiple Administrator Logins can be added to your Admin Panel; all to insure the integrity of your data and your overall online enterprise.

Updates & Development

At Optimum7, we are constantly looking for ways to further develop our Integrated Shopping Cart Systems. Through continued research and development with partners, we aim to bring you the most recent technologies in Internet Business. We keep our clients updated with industry news and new marketing strategies, as well as new functionalities for the shopping cart solution.

Advertisement & Marketing

Unfortunately, building a top notch shopping cart solution is not sufficient to bring our clients large influxes of sales. Marketing plays a huge role in achieving the financial goals of our clients. Therefore, our shopping cart solutions are 100% Search Engine Optimized. The Custom Shopping Cart Solution of Optimum7 comes fully integrated with Dynamically Generated Static HTML Pages, a Google Sitemap Generator, an Advanced Newsletter System to stay in touch with your customer base … and a Full Affiliate Management System. In short, we bring the capability to see where each and every click to your site is coming from and which of these clicks turn into a sale (Conversion Optimization).

Integrated Payment & Collection Systems

With our fully integrated Ecommerce Solution, our clients are able to accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal and Google Checkout. All add-ons to run your business and record transactions such as Tax Calculation Systems, Currency Conversions, Reoccurring Payments, Promotional Pricing and Fraud Protection are included.

Additional Industry Integrations

We have partnered up with industry leaders in order-processing and shipment services to bring you added features to execute your online business with ease. Our system is integrated with Stone Edge Order Manager, Endicia/Dazzle, Pitney Bowes and QuickBooks. Also we can send and receive XML Datasets to any 3rd party application.

Shipping Features

Fulfilling orders is the most important component of Ecommerce. If you want to ship items in a timely, safe manner, Optimum7′s Ecommerce Solution is fully integrated with all major Shipping Companies. The customers are able to see the shipping rates live on your website and track their packages after shipment in real time. We go beyond basic services by adding features such as Multiple Warehouse Shipping, Advanced Label Printing, Dimensional Shipping Support and Batch Order Printing.

International E-commerce

One of the biggest challenges in Ecommerce is shipping overseas. It’s a big security and fraud concern since there’s no AVS (Address Verification System) in any other country than the USA. Merchant accounts established in the US cannot verify billing address information for international credit cards, therefore leaving merchants who ship internationally vulnerable for chargebacks. Some of the options are to accept Paypal and Google Checkout, which we include in our functionalities, however it’s not enough.

You can now ship internationally with piece of mind with our integrated Ecommerce solution which enables you to have much more fraud and security control over international orders.

Optimum7 takes everything into consideration in building an Online Business for its clients. Our expertise and professionalism are what we promise. For custom consultation, please contact us here.

Free 14-Day Trial – Anything Put into the Trial Can Be Brought Over When a Purchase is Made

  • Advanced Data Import and Export Capabilities
  • Completely Integrated “Instant Help” and “Certified Training” Within Your Store
  • Free QuickBooks Integration
  • Free Yahoo! Store Product Import

Product Management

  • Customizable, Automated Product Input & Management
  • Web-Based Administration Area
  • Thumbnail Generator and Unlimited Photos per Product
  • Multiple Product Options
  • Live Stock Status and SmartMatch™ Technology
  • Color Swatch Functionality
  • Real Time Inventory Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Multiple Pricing Levels
  • Built-In Sale Pricing
  • Ability to Hide Products
  • New Products Feature
  • End Date Product Specification
  • Assign Products to Multiple Categories & Sub-Categories
  • Enable Customers to Edit Pricing
  • Quantity Discounting
  • Specify Additional Product Keywords
  • Gift Wrap Pricing Option
  • Cross-Selling Technology
  • Four Customizable Product Description Fields
  • Bulk Data Import and Export
  • Quickly Edit Orders from VIEW ALL Screen
  • Ability to Track Order Type
  • Batch Order Processing
  • Easy “Drag and Drop” Category Management
  • Advanced Related Product Functionality
  • Google Base Integration with Tracking Links Included

Customer Luxury

  • One-Page Checkout with Guest Registration
  • Post and View Customer Reviews
  • Customer Can View Recent History
  • Lists Available Accessories for Products
  • Customer Can E-Mail Product Information to Others
  • Customer Shopping Cart Summary
  • Gift Wrapping Option
  • Wish List Feature
  • Customer Can Receive “Back in Stock” Emails

Security + Reliability

  • Premium Hosting
  • Integrated IP Blocking Security Feature
  • SSL Encryption
  • Multiple Administrator Login
  • Administration Area Access History
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database
  • Shopping Cart Features Automatic “Crash Protection”
  • “Members Only” Website Capabilities
  • Displays Last Four Digits of Credit Card Numbers Only
  • SSL Security Seal- Displays Security Seal on Order Page SSL Certificate
  • Captcha-Type Image Validation Support for All Form Submissions

Live Update

  • Developers are Constantly Improving Software with New Functionality & Features
  • Free Quarterly Updates & Software Improvements
  • Easily Upgrade Your Software for Free and With Just a Click
  • All Existing Data Kept Intact When Upgrading


  • Completely Search Engine Optimized
  • Abandoned/Live Cart Section- View Cart Contacts in Real-Time
  • Dynamically Generated Static HTML Page Creation and Product and Category Index
  • Google Sitemap Generator
  • Advanced Newsletter System for Higher Deliverability and Open Rates
  • Paginated Product Index
  • Export Feeds to Third Party Shopping Marketplaces
  • 5 Tier Affiliate System
  • Affiliate Management System
  • Built-in E-Mail Marketing/Newsletter Marketing
  • Phone Order System with Sales Rep Tracking
  • Coupon Generation System
  • Gift Certificates
  • Quantity Discounting
  • Free Shipping Option
  • Gift Wrapping & Gift Notes
  • Customizable Checkout Fields
  • View Your Store’s Search Terms

Payment Collection

  • Accept Credit Cards, Checks, PayPal and Google Checkout With Ease!
  • Extended Google Checkout Functionality
  • Tax Calculation System
  • Supports PayPal Payment Services
  • Support for Additional International PayPal Currencies
  • Integrated Currency Conversion
  • Integrates with Existing or New Merchant Accounts
  • Payment Processing at Time of Sale OR During Order Fulfillment
  • Supports Recurring Payments
  • Supports Automated Promotional Pricing
  • Accurate Tax Calculation Based on Customer’s Location
  • Ability to Specify Tax-Exempt Customers or Products
  • CVV2 (Security Code) Support
  • Configurable Currency Symbol
  • Supports Google Checkout UK

Easy Navigation

  • Large Variety of Customizable Navigation Styles
  • Browse Products by Category
  • Built-In Search Capability
  • View Related Products
  • Unique Checkout Progress Bar
  • Six Ways to Sort Search Results
  • Live Search Hints to Easily Find Customers and Products

Other Integrations

  • Stone Edge Order Manager Integration
  • Endicia/Dazzle Integration
  • Pitney Bowes Integration
  • Direct QuickBooks Integration
  • Receive XML Datasets


  • Powerful Administrative Control Center
  • Full-Featured Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Full Featured Reporting Section- Generate Custom Reports and Graphs, also Includes Built-In SQL Editor
  • Customizable Real-Time Executive Dashboard
  • Quickly Switch Sections and See Only the Data You Need to See
  • Rate of Return on Investment (ROI) Tracking
  • View & Process Orders Online
  • Ability to Print Packing Slips, Receipts and Invoices
  • Automatic Shipping Confirmation E-mails and Ability to Send E-Fax Confirmations
  • Ability to Print Gift Notes
  • Integrated Point of Sale (POS) System
  • Inventory Management
  • Low Quantity Alarm
  • Full Vendor Support
  • Generate Reports and Statistics for Information on Customers, Products, Affiliates and Sales
  • Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) System
  • Easily Enable or Disable Store Features
  • Integrated WYSIWYG Editor
  • Completely Integrated “Instant Help” and “Certified Training”
  • Administration Managed “To Do” List
  • Quick Edit Toolbar
  • 301 Redirects- Add and Manage True 301 Redirects from a Single Page
  • Input Orders Directly Into Your Backend
  • Point System in CRM for Staff Performance Tracking
  • CRM Supports Ability to Log and Track Phone Calls
  • Phone Order Page Supports Anonymous Checkout
  • Syntax Highlighting for HTML
  • Easily Create “Free Shipping” Coupons for Customers
  • Google “Map It” Link on Order Page
  • Specify Maximum Text Length on Options

Customer Tools

  • Customer Account Login – Create an Account or Remain Anonymous
  • Customer Can Update Information Within Their Account
  • Customer Can View and Modify Orders
  • Customer Can Track Packages Live
  • Customer Can Manage Additional Features

Shipping Features

  • Integrated with All Major Shipping Companies
  • Batch Order Printing Capabilities
  • Automatic Live Shipping Rate Lookup
  • Live Package Tracking
  • Unlimited Shipping Calculation Types
  • Additional Shipping Weight Calculation (Shipping & Handling)
  • Digital Downloads for Software Product Sales
  • Automatic E-Mail Shipping Confirmation
  • Multiple Warehouse Support
  • Quick “Estimated Shipping” Calculation
  • Advanced Label Printing- Print USPS, DHL WorldWide and FedEx Labels Directly From Your Own Admin Department.
  • Fast Live Shipping Rates
  • Live Rates with Canada Post
  • Dimensional Shipping Support for UPS
  • Support for Multiple Warehouses

December 23, 2011