Website Design Services Company

Website Design Services Company

Website Design at Optimum7 is completely focused on results, i.e. those metrics that when measured, ultimately determine the relative success of the website. In general, these metrics are the CONVERSIONS of the site; the clicks, the sales, the leads, the new subscriptions or the services provided. Therefore, form follows function for optimal web design. Conversions dictate that your site’s design always contain important design and theme elements that quickly gain both user attention and interaction, while simultaneously moving the visitor through a logical and emotional process towards the ultimate desired action of conversion. Our design process is simply outlined as follows:


    We dive headfirst into the client’s business model. We analyze the competition. We define the competition’s weaknesses & strengths and compare them to those of the client.


    We create a plan of attack. We decide the best way to capture the user’s attention, and predict the movement of the user’s eyes as it scans across the screen and determine the optimum set of elements to engage and lead the user through the key pathways of the website.


    Armed with a general idea of the type of site, preferred color schemes and/or company logos, we turn our designers loose. Our design team works closely with us during the planning and discovery process of the site. They engage the user’s eyes with attention-grabbing visuals and call-to-action phrases. Depending on the type of site, we may use more subtle, abstract design elements to lead the user in the right direction. Regardless of the designer’s approach or the look of the website, the focus behind the design is always the same: RESULTS!


    Once the web design has been finished and approved by the client, we move on to front-end coding. We hand-code all of our websites using XHTML/HTML & CSS to develop the look and feel that defines your site and carries itself seamlessly throughout the website. We use jQuery’s excellent JavaScript library for all of our interface animations. By using these strict coding methods we actually have more control over the appearance of the website. Optimizing the content for SEO is greatly enhanced when working with a properly coded website.

Of course, our client(s) are the ultimate judges. We collaborate at the beginning and at key points in the process to gain the input and approvals we need along the way, all leading to a final approval that culminates in the launch of a newly designed website that is truly ready for all of its visitors, and has been optimized for conversions through the implementation of Optimum7 SEO processes. Contact us for a no obligation consultation to begin your new web site design.

September 2, 2011