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SEO Challenges; The Business Uncertainties of SEO and How to Deal with them

If you are an SEO Company, you certainly have a full plate of business uncertainties that will always keep you on your toes. There are many different types of uncertainties and each of them requires a plan of action or strategy to effectively deal with them. The uncertainties range from the technical side such as Google algorithm updates like Panda to sales uncertainties due to the inherent costs associated with Professional SEO Services to economic uncertainties, personnel uncertainties, support network uncertainties and client uncertainties. As the President and CEO of Optimum7, I feel I have something to offer the online community in sharing these and how we effectively deal with them.

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Google Plus for SEO; How to Get More Followers and Engagement on Google+

After Google+ pages became available to businesses a few weeks ago, companies and brands have been rolling out their own pages to gain a following. Although we still don’t know what kind of marketing results will come from a presence on Google+, it’s still important to establish one because the site is growing in popularity and Google is doing a lot to push it. Our experience shows that it always pays to stay on top of what Google is doing from the beginning.

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How to Get in Google Search via SEO and PPC

If you have a website, you expect that people will be able to find you in the search engines. In fact, you need them to find you there because more than half of all searches begin online. Of course, Google is the global leader in search, so your first concern should be how to get in Google search.

New sites

There are a few things you can do to make yourself more visible to Google when you are starting out:

1. Create a Google friendly website by using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress. Make sure that you have informative and great content on your site.

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SEO Checklist (Search Engine Optimization); On-Site, Design, Content and Quality Backlinks

Once you have a website in place, traffic from the search engines is vital to connecting with new prospects. The search engines promote content they believe will be most useful to users. Unfortunately, search engines might not always see content the same way humans do. Webmaster must ensure their sites employ search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to show both the search engines and the users the value of their sites. These are the items we examine when working to improve SEO on a website;

SEO Checklist – On Page Optimization

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Advertising Agency Online

Internet marketing and ecommerce have opened up entire new fields of advertising, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing. Along with all these new platforms to master, there are seemingly endless data reports to review and comprehend.

While some applaud this new digital universe and the opportunities it affords businesses, many are overwhelmed with all there is to learn and monitor. Online advertising agencies have become necessary for businesses that want to harness modern technology for their marketing efforts.

Online Advertising Agencies Provide Guidance

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Why Do Marketing; Why Business Marketing is Necessary

This may sound like a question that insults the intelligence of most business owners or service providers. You may think, everyone knows why businesses need marketing – but do they really? Even if one assumes that the majority of the population knows what marketing does for a business or service provider, common attitudes toward marketing often reveal ideas that are highly mistaken.

A lot of local or small business owners tend to perceive marketing as an optional luxury; one which can be eliminated if the business is doing poorly. If it’s in the budget to put an ad in the paper, fine. If not, that’s fine too. However, these are exactly opposite in approach and action to those a business should take, especially if profits and revenue are not meeting projected goals.

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SEO Marketing Solution

Have you been wondering how you can use web marketing to attract customers instead of spending all your time chasing new prospects? Search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing can start attracting those prospects to you.

SEO Marketing Options

When you apply SEO techniques both on and off your website, you can start drawing organic searches to your site. To give your campaign a boost while you are building visibility in the search engines, you can use PPC ads to place your ads on the first search engine results page (SERP) for your target keywords. SEO takes time so Sponsored Search is a great option to fill in the void as SEO comes into effect.

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Internet Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

It is the battle of the advertising ages. Who’s going to be the winner? SEO? The Four P’s? ATL? BTL? No I’m not just throwing random acronyms around, they’re all actually relevant terms and are battling amongst one another as we speak in this crazy industry that is marketing.

Since the birth of humanity, aspects as elemental as survival have been based and have depended upon trade. Our ancestors traded the goods of their regions between one another in order to eat and live, eventually goods turned to coin, and coin was then used to purchase goods. These goods needed to be sold; but more than one of our ancestors produced the same good… walla! The need for marketing was born.

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The Google SEO Page Rank; Why Does It Stop Working? Is that a Google Message?

Google controls the Page Rank feature of every page on the internet. A lot of professionals are constantly looking at these numbers since it shows an important value to measure the quality of a page or a site in Google’s eyes. The Page Rank of a site means in its most basic point, how good and popular  a web site is from  a scale from 1 to 10. It is not a secret to say that you might  spend years to increase in one level or get it in a few weeks. This demonstrates how difficult it is to forecast what the PR of a site might be. As a bright person in my company once said “You have to execute all the processes, and review more than one metric.”

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Online Marketing Plan; How Internet Marketing Can Be Planned in a Long Term Approach

Traditional marketing methods are almost always outbound.  In other words, prior to the commercialization of the Internet (World Wide Web), marketers sought buyers or prospects through a wide array of strategies, tactics and techniques.  These include TV, Radio, Print Media, telemarketing, cold calling, direct mail, networking and more.  Regardless of the inherent inefficiencies of outbound marketing, the best marketers learned their marketplace including potential buyers and existing competition.  Knowing what your target market is looking for and how / what your competition is doing to reach the target market is always square one in the marketing arena.

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Clothing Internet Marketing

The field for online clothing retail is only growing. The world in which an internet-based clothing retailer finds itself is one of monstrous hurdles, the greatest being how to be seen amidst the competition. Our company provides one of the few proven methods to systematically increase your chances of being at the top of the pile by being at the top of the search page.

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Best Online Marketing; Companies, Strategies, Trends, Tools and Tricks

Strategies and Approach

Best Online MarketingWhile there are some components of online marketing that are pretty well agreed upon, there are other strategies and tactics that serve varying degrees of priority and usage. Some online marketing firms emphasize mobile media and mobile marketing, insisting that it is the wave of the future, and most consumers make purchases from mobile devices on the fly. Others insist that social media is currently the most important element of online marketing, because of the enormity of online trend and the availability of self-identified, micro-targeted audiences.

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