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Ranking on Search Engines: Tools, Steps & Strategies

The acronym “SERP” is one that is thrown around a lot, not only within the SEO/SEM and internet marketing industry, but also in more generalized online business information. Where your business ranks in search engine results has everything to do with how successful your business or website will be online. Since even the statistics of users who go to page 2 of search results is falling, you must rank on page 1 for targeted, relevant keywords and phrases; without it you get almost no traffic. Page 1 search engine ranking is imperative in order for a business to do well online, effectively attract new visitors, and improve business results.   From the moment a user’s search results are displayed for a given query, to the moment they click on a link, go to a site, browse, and decide upon a purchase – all stems back to which site was visible and ultimately which site impressed the user by offering the most value and relevance.

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