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Internet Marketing Research

Extensive and thorough market research is the foundation of every successful online marketing campaign. Without research, there’s no hope of truly understanding your industry, business, competition, customer base, products and services. The good news is that in today’s tech savvy generation, there are free tools available online that make the tedious and time consuming task of conducting research, a breeze. There are a wide variety of resources at our finger tips; you just need to know what they are, where to find them and how to effectively use them to achieve your goals and improve your productivity. Once you know how to effectively use these online tools, there’s no stopping your SEO efforts from soaring right to the top of page 1 on major search engines such as Google.

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Integrated Internet Marketing

The golden days of marketing solely with flashy television advertisements or print media have quickly faded with the advent of the Internet as a marketing and sales platform. Online businesses have unique needs that need a multi-tiered approach to increasing sales and building a solid customer base for long term success. A uniform plan is no longer an ideal solution because the competition is only getting stiffer and more up to date with marketing advancements. Each part of an integrated marketing plan will help reach each business owner’s goals and Optimum7 wants to build one from the ground up for your company.

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Volusion Seo: Services, Optimization, Google & Internet Marketing

Volusion ecommerce software provides search-engine-friendly (SEO) merchant solutions. Simple templates make it easy to design a website with all the functionality your customers expect and all the back-end SEO structure the search engine bots seek. Many of our Optimum7 clients run Volusion software on their sites, and we are very familiar with making the most of the SEO functions built in to the Volusion platform.

What Is Volusion?

Volusion is an ecommerce software company that offers complete merchant solutions to ecommerce sites of all sizes. Whether you seek to build your merchant site from the ground up or you are looking to improve the functionality and SEO of your current site, Volusion has a plan to suit your needs.

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Google AdWords Expert

These days it seems everyone fancies himself a Google AdWords expert. A blogger spends an hour or so studying the Google Engage program, and suddenly he feels he is qualified to hang out a shingle and advise you on your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

There is a lot more to PPC than simply understanding the difference between a broad match and a phrase match. Make sure your so-called PPC expert has real-world experience and can also tell you what that difference has meant in revenue for an actual campaign he has managed.

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Organic SEO Services; Google and Search Engine Optimization

Organic vs. Non-organic SEO

When you hire an outside company to provide you with SEO services, you have already committed to organic, white-hat website and search engine optimization. Organic SEO services are natural, non-paid methods used to boost your website in search engine results, and move your website up in terms of search result ranking.

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Miva Merchant SEO

Miva Merchant is a reliable, flexible, expandable eCommerce solution that is easy to use. Its comprehensive feature list is robust enough for experienced online merchants but still easy enough for beginners to use. It is a premier eCommerce solution loaded with advanced features. Miva Merchant has continued support and growth of an online storefront and its toolkit contains everything an online merchant needs to develop, grow and maintain a successful online store. At Optimum7, we have worked with many Miva Merchant clients and we are very familiar with how this shopping cart system functions when it comes to SEO.

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Green Energy Internet Marketing

The good news is that green energy is on the rise, as it is a very desirable service. Everybody wants to go green, they just don’t know where to find it. It is up to you, the provider of these green energy services, to direct customers to your services. There are thousands of customers who would love to know more about your green energy services, the trouble is, they need to find you first.

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SEO Keywords

An internet marketing campaign that can successfully build your business needs to include search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. This involves techniques that can help to make your site more attractive to users and major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. A major part of SEO strategy is keyword research. Knowing what users are searching for and adapting your online marketing strategy for those words will help to boost your business. The right combination of keywords can increase the exposure of your site and get more users to notice you.

Keyword Research

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Search Engine Optimizers

There are thousands of companies that offer search engine optimization (SEO) services. Many companies offer conflicting advice on what makes SEO successful. It is be best to pay attention to what Google says. Google provides guidelines that can assist you in creating a successful SEO campaign. Below you will find a few essentials:

Content development

Content is one of the most important aspects of successful SEO. Your website should be regularly updated with content that is relevant, fresh and concise. Make sure the content is informative. Think like a potential consumer. If you were in search or your product or service, what would you like to know? If you neglect to constantly add significant content to your site, this could affect your ranking on search engine results pages.

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Top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools

You’re constantly hearing about the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. You understand what successful SEO can mean for your business and you are also aware of the harm that can be done to a thriving business with the absence of SEO. You are all about success but success takes time and resources.

There are an overwhelming abundance of SEO tools available to you. If you are currently looking to utilize free tools you may want to start here;

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PPC Management Software

If you are interested in Pay per Click (PPC) management software, you are likely looking to have your site listed more prevalently on the search engines through use of Sponsored Search programs like Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter.  Search Engine Marketing is the promotion of an internet website resulting in a site being listed highly in the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Search Engine Marketing is done effectively using 2 methods; organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or PPC.

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SEO for Bing and Yahoo

The recent merge of Bing and Yahoo may have you rethinking your SEO strategy, particularly if you’re targeting the two major search engines.

The merger will allow Bing to provide information to Yahoo for search indexes. However, they will each continue to provide the information uniquely. For example Yahoo may provide some additional social media information while Bing will offer a NASDAQ ticker in the search index.

The people that will be hurt by this merger are those who were ranking high for Yahoo. They will most likely see a downturn in traffic. However, those who were already ranking high for Bing will most likely see an increase in traffic, as they gain all of Yahoo’s users.

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