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Google Instant Preview and SEO

The introduction of Google’s Instant Previews has brought with it an increased need for organic SEO rankings as well as a targeted landing page that’s informative and to the point. Now before users clicks the search result and goes to your site, they can preview whether your site is relevant to their searches or not. Bottom line:  If you don’t have enough quality backlinks to boost your organic rankings in the SERPs and if your pages are not specifically targeted for the keywords you are optimizing for (including textual and design elements), you are likely to get less traffic and leads from organic results.

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Does Google Instant Previews Affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Now that Google has introduced a new feature, the question remains, does Google Instant Previews affect SEO? The answer is yes, but how, and what can you do to continue to rank high in Google?

The new “Google Instant Preview” feature has made SEO more important than ever by effectively killing the second page of a search index. Starting right at the search bar, Google will suggest terms for you to search, making searches more effective, and potentially pushing your business down if you don’t saturate the Google universe with content.

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