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Duran Inci is an Internet Marketing Expert with over 10 years experience in E-business, including all forms of lead generation (including Search Engine Optimization) and web promotion. Duran has built and managed all aspects of Internet Marketing & E-commerce operations including, e-business planning, analytics, network integration and strategic partnerships. Duran has a strong history of building revenues through effective e-commerce strategies. The exceptional breadth of Duran’s technical skills ensures that Optimum7 clients have the best, most current tools available to maximize impact of their online marketing campaigns. He leads our entire development team in our Miami office.

Top Strategies to Push Short Term Sales for Your Ecommerce Store

Top Strategies to Push Short Term Sales for Your Ecommerce StoreOne of the most frequent questions we get from our clients is, “What else can I do to increase my e-commerce sales?” While we support a long term marketing strategy to improve revenue for e-commerce businesses, there are things that you could do to push sales for your site in the short term. Here are some very effective strategies.

Google Shopping

Getting listed on Google Products is a must for every e-commerce site. It might seem like a difficult process but it’s actually very easy. Most likely, you can export a data feed of your products from your e-commerce system, do some edits and upload to Google Shopping via AdWords. You must have an MPN (Manufacturer’s Part Number) or a UPC (Universal Product Code) for your products.

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Building an Integrated Agency / Hotel Booking System with WordPress

Building an Integrated Agency / Hotel Booking System with WordPressWe all use travel websites like, and There are a ton of others operating now, basically trying to clone what these 3 giants have started. But do you remember how we used to book flights and hotels?

There are hundreds of thousands of hotels in the world. They all have one thing in common: being listed on one or more of these big travel sites. If you are a hotel owner, then you probably know that these websites take around 15-25% commission from every hotel booking. That’s a big chunk!

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The Perfect CRM; Podio, WordPress and Custom Programming

The Perfect CRM; Podio, WordPress and Custom ProgrammingA centralized and integrated employee, customer, task and sales management system is essential to running a profitable business. Regardless of which industry you are in, you will need such a platform to handle your day-to-day operations efficiently.

Unfortunately, most small and medium sized businesses do not use a centralized project/client management system or CMS. As Internet technology consultants, we see the efficiency issues and the high margins of error in completing tasks these companies have as we work with them to address their problems all of the time. An integrated platform should be a custom platform offering multiple functionalities directly addressing your organization’s requirements. Here are some elements that we have built into such an integrated system for our clients:

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Restaurant Ordering System; OrderUp and GrubHub Clone

Restaurant Ordering System; OrderUp and GrubHub CloneOrdering food for delivery has become incredibility popular thanks to integrated online ordering systems. Mostly large pizza chains such as Dominos paved the way for the convenience of ordering food online. Their “Track Your Pizza” functionality is still very famous. Since ordering food for delivery online is very convenient, websites like GrubHub took advantage of this by aggregating thousands of restaurants and adding their menus to their system.

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How We Created an Integrated Realtor Website Using Miami RETS and WordPress CMS

Real Estate is a big part of the US economy. Therefore, there are millions of people searching online for the house of their dreams to rent or buy. Of course, these house-hunters have many alternatives while conducting their searches.

  1. They could use one of the major realty websites such as or, which spend millions of dollars on their fully integrated systems and marketing. These websites help users instantly get to the listings and filter down to the houses that they might be interested in. Considering the fact that keywords such as “buy a home” or “homes for sale” can cost as much as $30 per click, it’s obvious that real estate is a very competitive market.
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Fundamentals of Marketing and Technology Consultation

Fundamentals of Marketing and Technology ConsultationAt Optimum7, we often discuss different approaches to client consultation. At the end of the day, our clients rely on us to guide them with their business, marketing and technology needs while expecting increased brand visibility and business. I was thinking about this the other day after a Monday staff meeting and a heated discussion. So I decided to put it in writing.

When I think of the word “consultation,” many terms come to mind such as ethics, expertise, efficiency, leadership, professionalism and diversity. This list comprises what I think are the fundamentals of consultation. Please bear in mind that you cannot pick and choose here, this is a collective list. Only if you utilize a majority of these suggestions, will you be able to handle consultation work in an efficient manner.

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Automating Your Project/Client Management System or CRM with Custom Podio Development

Automating Your Project/Client Management/CRM with Custom Podio DevelopmentIf you are a part of an organization that continuously evolves, tests new processes, pushes the limits of efficiency always wanting to grow, regardless of which industry you are in, you will need a very good project management system.

It’s very important to have the right kinds of people working in your organization. Creativity, initiative, responsibility and efficiency are terms used often at Optimum7 by our staff. However, having the right employees isn’t enough; you need more to truly become organized and get things done on time, every time. You need to be able to support the team with tools, systems and processes to help guide your staff towards their individual and team objectives..

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How to Migrate / Upload Products in Bulk to Amazon Seller Central

How to Migrate / Upload Products in Bulk to Amazon Seller CentralSelling on Amazon can be very rewarding. The sheer amount of traffic that Amazon attracts as well as the key features and benefits it offers consumers (Prime shipping, reviews, a wide selection of products) makes it the #1 shopping website in the world. If you are an online merchant, there are some key elements that you need to consider before becoming an Amazon seller.

Amazon as a Selling Platform and Competition Between Sellers

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How to Force Minimum Quantity / Incremental Quantities in Volusion Ecommerce

When it comes to running a successful Ecommerce business, minor details and functionality can make big differences. If you are processing hundreds of orders daily and have thousands of users visiting your site at any given time, usability means everything and you should do everything in your power to increase conversion rates.

Customers hate minimum quantities when ordering online. However, based on the products you offer, the minimum quantity rule can be essential and make the difference between making and losing money on an order. Most Ecommerce companies have built-in rules for minimum quantities.

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Advanced and Custom Product Category Filters and Search Result Pages for Volusion

If your eCommerce store offers two hundred products or more, it’s going to be difficult for your users to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly. While you may want to make it easier for your customers, your category structure and Volusion’s built-in search tool will not always be sufficient for this functionality. Also, if you offer thousands of products with many different options, the need for it becomes paramount.

Benefits of an Advanced Search Function / Advanced Product Filter

An advanced product filter or search function offers many benefits for both you and your customers, including:

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Custom Ecommerce Ordering Functionality for Styles, Options and Uploading/Editing Logos, Embroidery and More…

Courtesy of O’jay Barbee @

Custom products are one of life’s many joys. From personalized t-shirts and coffee mugs to throw pillows and ID cards, there are not many retailers who can give their customers that “made just for you” feeling. However, providing your customers with an easy way to select custom options in your online store can prove far more difficult.
The Problem

In general, eCommerce carts allow retailers to sell products with several custom options. Let’s pretend you’re an apparel manufacturer that sells t-shirts in bulk (or maybe you actually are!). You sell ten unique styles of shirts and each comes in five colors and five sizes. Each style and size has a different price, as well as a different weight, which you’ll use to calculate shipping costs.

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Displaying Different Pricing Based on Location (States, Regions) on an eCommerce Site

location based pricingThere is no question that the demand for a product varies from one location to another. Healthcare doesn’t cost the same in New Jersey as it does in California. Neither does health insurance or even car insurance. Price fluctuation based on geographic location is perfectly normal when it comes to these industries as well as department stores, such as Macy’s and Nordstrom, and many other nationally based businesses

When it comes to eCommerce sites, location-based pricing is not illegal, but it is frowned upon. How would you feel if you lived in Florida and your cousin Billy in Kentucky bought a pair of sunglasses for $50 from the same site that charged you $60? Of course, you wouldn’t be too happy. (Though Billy in Kentucky probably would be! ;o)

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