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Duran Inci is an Internet Marketing Expert with over 10 years experience in E-business, including all forms of lead generation (including Search Engine Optimization) and web promotion. Duran has built and managed all aspects of Internet Marketing & E-commerce operations including, e-business planning, analytics, network integration and strategic partnerships. Duran has a strong history of building revenues through effective e-commerce strategies. The exceptional breadth of Duran’s technical skills ensures that Optimum7 clients have the best, most current tools available to maximize impact of their online marketing campaigns. He leads our entire development team in our Miami office.

How to Force Minimum Quantity / Incremental Quantities in Volusion Ecommerce

When it comes to running a successful Ecommerce business, minor details and functionality can make big differences. If you are processing hundreds of orders daily and have thousands of users visiting your site at any given time, usability means everything and you should do everything in your power to increase conversion rates.

Customers hate minimum quantities when ordering online. However, based on the products you offer, the minimum quantity rule can be essential and make the difference between making and losing money on an order. Most Ecommerce companies have built-in rules for minimum quantities.

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Advanced and Custom Product Category Filters and Search Result Pages for Volusion

If your eCommerce store offers two hundred products or more, it’s going to be difficult for your users to find exactly what they’re looking for quickly. While you may want to make it easier for your customers, your category structure and Volusion’s built-in search tool will not always be sufficient for this functionality. Also, if you offer thousands of products with many different options, the need for it becomes paramount.

Benefits of an Advanced Search Function / Advanced Product Filter

An advanced product filter or search function offers many benefits for both you and your customers, including:

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Custom Ecommerce Ordering Functionality for Styles, Options and Uploading/Editing Logos, Embroidery and More…

Courtesy of O’jay Barbee @

Custom products are one of life’s many joys. From personalized t-shirts and coffee mugs to throw pillows and ID cards, there are not many retailers who can give their customers that “made just for you” feeling. However, providing your customers with an easy way to select custom options in your online store can prove far more difficult.
The Problem

In general, eCommerce carts allow retailers to sell products with several custom options. Let’s pretend you’re an apparel manufacturer that sells t-shirts in bulk (or maybe you actually are!). You sell ten unique styles of shirts and each comes in five colors and five sizes. Each style and size has a different price, as well as a different weight, which you’ll use to calculate shipping costs.

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Displaying Different Pricing Based on Location (States, Regions) on an eCommerce Site

location based pricingThere is no question that the demand for a product varies from one location to another. Healthcare doesn’t cost the same in New Jersey as it does in California. Neither does health insurance or even car insurance. Price fluctuation based on geographic location is perfectly normal when it comes to these industries as well as department stores, such as Macy’s and Nordstrom, and many other nationally based businesses

When it comes to eCommerce sites, location-based pricing is not illegal, but it is frowned upon. How would you feel if you lived in Florida and your cousin Billy in Kentucky bought a pair of sunglasses for $50 from the same site that charged you $60? Of course, you wouldn’t be too happy. (Though Billy in Kentucky probably would be! ;o)

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The Importance of Database Analysis before an Ecommerce System Migration

Importance of Database Analysis before an Ecommerce Migration

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Marketing and consultation firms face a dilemma when talking to prospects that are planning an ecommerce migration. Unfortunately, prospects are all too eager to migrate but do not understand the importance of a thorough database analysis prior to migration. Database analysis is fundamental to the successful migration of your ecommerce site because the current system you’re using might have a database that is not organized to migrate.

Reasons to Make the Switch

Our prospects come to us ready to make the switch because they have an ecommerce solution that no longer fits their needs. There might be a few reasons why it’s time for you to make the switch.

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Automated Drop Shipping Product and Order Fulfillment Integration via XML or API

Automated Drop ShippingWhether you’re an e-tailer or a supplier, you know how beneficial drop shipping can be for your business. Businesses have no inventory to deal with, no overhead to worry about, no pre-sale costs for goods and thus, no risk. Suppliers are able to increase business and profits.

But nothing in life is without its flaws. There are also some cons when it comes to drop shipping. This includes less competitive pricing and lack of control over product selection and inventory. If something is out of stock, it’s out of stock.

The Biggest Problem

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Google Penguin 2.0 Update and What It Means for Small Businesses

Penguin 2.0 was rolled out on Thursday May 23rd. The effects of this significant update can be easily identified if you are monitoring your Google organic traffic on a continual basis. The Penguin continues to target “unnatural” incidences of content and incoming links to the affected website.

Have I Been Hit by the Penguin 2.0 Update?

If you have seen a significant decline (over 20% in Google organic traffic) starting Thursday May 23rd and Friday May 24th compared to the previous days and week, there’s a strong likelihood that the cause is Penguin 2.0. Here’s what it looks like.

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Customized Online Marketing for Start-Ups

Customized Online Marketing for Start-UpsTraditional Marketing vs. Online Marketing

Traditional marketing, i.e. Radio, TV, Print et al, poses significant barriers for a start-up business. Obviously, it’s very expensive.  It’s also inefficient, by almost any definition.  They lack targeting, and rely on being exposed to a wide audience with the faint hope that a tiny fraction of one percent of the audience will view the ad at precisely the time and place that they are alert, and that they are interested specifically in what you have to offer.

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How to Remove Online Defamation (Review) Using Legal Action

How to Remove Online Defamation (Review) Using Legal ActionAll Americans are guaranteed our rights to free speech as stated in our Constitution. It’s a wonderful thing, and as Americans, we’re all grateful for it. Until, of course, it’s used against us. Unfortunately, free speech allows anyone to post anything they want about you online, regardless of its veracity or lack thereof. There are a relatively select few  out there that abuse this right and use freedom of speech for negative purposes. Social Media, blogging platforms and “complaint” websites provide increased surface area for those with malicious intent to commit defamation.  These acts committed online are also difficult to actually remove.

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Advertising and Marketing B2B Industrial Products Online

Advertising and Marketing B2B Industrial Products OnlineThere is a shared norm among the owners of industrial businesses that says it is impossible to market and sell industrial products online. This misconception could not be further from the truth.

This norm is the number one reason industrial business owners are struggling to acquire new leads and new clients. Because they accept this flawed opinion, they miss out on the huge opportunities that different Internet marketing channels could afford them. Internet marketing could generate hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in revenue for industrial, business-to-business companies that target it accurately and learn to use it effectively.

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How to Increase Conversions and Leads on Google AdWords PPC

How to Increase Conversions and Leads on Google AdWords PPCPaying between $2.00 -$5.00 per click for advertisements on Google can get expensive. That is why it is imperative that you make sure your sale is juicy, meaning that the revenue per order must be high enough to justify the per click cost. Also, your conversion rate must be such that you are breaking even, at an absolute minimum.

Maintaining this balance is not always easy, especially since the odds of having your ad clicked on are less than three percent, depending on where in the search results your ad is located. (Search results can have as many as 30 results for any keyword search)

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Advertising for Educational Institutions

Advertising for Educational Institutions It’s safe to say that the vast majority of teenagers in the United States aspire to attend university or college one day. Even if they may be too young to really see the enormous benefits of furthering their education, it’s highly likely that their parents or caretakers will be looking out for their best interests… and where are they all looking? Online! The bulk of the population, from hopeful teens to anxious moms and dads are online searching, at this very moment, for an educational institution to meet their needs. All of these institutions, however, are competing for new enrollments. Think about how many universities and colleges there are in your state alone. That’s a lot of competition. So, what are they all doing to attract sign ups? What are they doing to target prospects online? Surprisingly, not a whole lot…

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