CozyDays2011 was our hardest year in business mainly because the Panda updates hurt us. Optimum7 has since helped us immensely. Their implementations, suggestions and overall guidance have brought us roaring back. Thank you Optimum7 for your great work and we look forward to working closely with you for many years to come.

Kanat Ozturan, Owner

Security Camera KingWe hired Optimum7 in 2010 and have watched our website search traffic grow over 12 fold. Our business continues to grow and grow. I just hired Optimum7 again to take on one additional site for sure and possibly a 3rd one for a new business unit we are introducing. Optimum7 is very professional in their execution of their strategies, something that was evident from the very first week after they were hired. We look forward to continuing our growth and capitalizing on it further through the new work we have assigned them.

Brad Besner, Owner
Security Camera King

Machinery ValuesWe sell Used Machinery online and this business model presents many challenges. We hired Optimum7 in the Spring of 2009 to redesign our website and drive traffic to our site by getting ranked for all relevant keywords. Optiumum7’s design and web programming capabilities have launched our online business to a completely new level. We have seen our organic traffic grow from next to nothing to being a clear online leader as we now rank for literally thousands of terms translating into traffic, leads and sales.

Art Lazarus, Owner
Machinery Values

Eric HertzI have been very impressed with Optimum7’s work with my website and my law firm. I see improvements in our traffic month in and month out in our visibility and website traffic. It has had significant effects. Recently 2 significant events occurred which can be credited to the work of Optimum7. Firstly, we received a major new case involving paralysis valued at over 10 million dollars that resulted from an inquiry directly from our website. Secondly, my firm was thoroughly researched online by one of the top US law firms for a major case. We received the case based on the online reputation and website quality as assessed by the hiring law firm. Optimum7’s expert Website Marketing, Reputation Management and Maintenance has given me great confidence in our potential online moving forward. Anyone seeking genuine results online should freely seek Optimum7’s guidance and expertise.

Eric J. Hertz P.C., Owner
Hertz Law

Eric HertzOptimum7 has provided me expert SEO consultation and services over the past year. They really took ownership of the entire process and have proven to me that they have the “chops” to consistently drive business results for my company. Its great to have a strategic partner like Optimum7 as they have freed me to focus on other key areas of my business with the confidence and the peace of mind that I will continually be improving my online presence and business. Traffic is double over the same period last year (2010) and sales are up 400%. Really great stuff!

Patrick Barnhill, Owner
Specialist ID

HomeSecurityConceptsWe hired Optimum7 in early 2009 and have been very pleased with both our new website and the SEO results. We are increasingly getting more and more calls and leads generated from the visibility Optimum7 has achieved for us. We have closed significant amounts of new business and look forward to continued success with Optimum7.

Angel Pena, Owner

Arlyn ScalesTo the entire Optimum7 team – I want to deeply thank you for your persistence, your imagination and your efforts. You had taken on a task, and you were simply not willing to give up on it. As you have noted, the task is never completed. But we have reached a stage that lets us know that it has been worthwhile. We can only expect even better results in the future that should translate into a more successful Arlyn Scales. Hopefully, that will also reflect back to continuing success for Optimum7.

Arnold Gordon, Owner
Arlyn Scales

MaiSpaceOptimum7 has brought us to the first page for dozens of our most important keywords. They didn’t stop there as they have significantly increased both the number of conversions and the conversion rate of our website. Their staff is clearly very skilled and their follow through is unmatched.

Mark Bassil, VP Marketing

Stub DogWe are amazed at how fast we were able to get page 1 rankings on Google for some of our keywords. Optimum7 is bringing great things to our business through their many improvements to our website that will surely benefit our customers and our business.

Sam Levassar

Stub DogOptimum7 has quickly become a valuable asset to my company. Simply, they are just knocking it out of the park. I couldn’t be more pleased with their performance to date.

Paul Beckwith
Stub Dog

Lincoln MonumentsOptimum7 was the only company we found that actually got it done. They designed our site and within a few months we were on page 1 for Google and getting leads and sales. We consider it one of the best decisions we’ve made for our business.

Ralph Rullis, Owner
Lincoln Monuments

Stone ExchangeOur website is getting a lot of traffic due to the efforts of Optimum7. It has generated significant new sales. The website is now a central marketing strategy in our growth strategy.

Volkan Okay Yazici, Owner
Stone Exchange Inc.

Austin County EyeWe feel most fortunate to have found Optimum7 on Google. They have taken our brand new website to the top or the search engines for many keywords already. I was so pleased with the professionalism from the beginning that I referred Optimum7 to my son and I already see great results for him too. We are looking forward to the future online with Optimum7 at our side.

Dr. Paul Beckwith, Owner
Austin County Eye Clinic

1st Class CleaningOptimum7 has done a great job every time I ask them to do something. They moved my site up the Google rankings for great keywords. They have increased my traffic by 10-fold in the first year and I expect them to double it again in the next few months. They have completely redesigned my website and have proven to me from the statistics that more people are engaging with the site. The online forms and the phone calls are increasing too. Any small business seeking to increase their locally-based business can benefit greatly by hiring Optimum7.

George Blajeski
1st Class Cleaning

The Healthy Back InstituteWe wanted to move to the next level and 6 months ago we hired Optimum7. Despite already large traffic numbers, Optimum7 has increased our organic search traffic by 55% just in the first 6 months of our work together. We look forward to a great future together

Jesse Cannone
The Healthy Back Institute

The Healthy Back Institute“Optimum7 has setup and managed my Google AdWords for the past several months … I am getting lots of qualified leads and my cost per lead is very good. I own a small business centered in a Midwest Metropolitan Area and Optimum7 has proven to be a great asset to my company’s growth. They have clear expertise in Search Engine Marketing and their follow-through and response has always been prompt.”

Paul Mallory
Four Paws

February 26, 2013