Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is that part of Internet Marketing that focuses on human response and interaction. SMO, in essence, is largely the Publicity Strategy of online marketing. This strategy employs an ever-growing set of processes using the Social Media as its medium to generate awareness, publicity, public relations, product announcements, customer and community forums, as well as news that would be of any relevance to the target audience.

The Social Media

The Social Media involves websites that are dedicated to social interaction and activity as an effective means for individuals to share information and create or augment personal and social relationships with each other regarding any common interest. The most popular of these websites are:

  • YouTube – over 25% of all online inquiries for information occur on YouTube. This site is perhaps best known for its use of video and audio content which can be posted and shared by anyone. YouTube currently gets over 2,000,000,000 views per day.
  • Facebook – currently the #1 most visited site, it provides a common location to connect and share their lives with family, friends, and professional colleagues, past and present.
  • Twitter – is the fastest growing website today now with an Alexa Rank of 10. Twitter is a micro blogging site; the site asks its users to Tweet (Micro blog in 140 characters or less) what you are doing. This has grown into quite a phenomenon as many millions are tweeting about all things worldly and personal. It is growing a reputation for breaking news; even the traditional media is using it as a news source.
  • LinkedIn – while not quite as popular, LinkedIn provides more of a professional social network that focuses on professional relationships rather than personal or familial ones. Nonetheless, LinkedIn is an often used source of information for business professionals for the purposes of networking, sharing information and information verification.

Social Media Optimization Tools

There are many individual tools and tactics that SMO can use to generate publicity, a buzz or even become viral.

  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) – this is a set of “feeds” for delivery of information for websites, blogs, et al that are frequently updated. This makes it simple for interested readers and viewers to stay up to date without having to remember to go to each and every website of interest. With RSS, you can get all of the information you want delivered to you in one central location; like your own electronic magazine rack. So the SMO uses RSS to syndicate new content automatically to those that subscribe.
  • Social News Links – SMO involves the addition of buttons or links included with content to make it easy for readers to share content of interest with others that may be interested.


Social Media Optimization however is only as good as the content i.e. the quality of the message it is carrying. All online marketing is about content and Social Media is no exception. Content is the real substance; social media is the delivery system (the newspaper boy of today). SMO is the expertise to get content delivered to the most people, including the most targeted audience.

Content is still the core substance of online marketing. At Optimum7, for those who cannot produce their own steady stream of content necessary for success, we provide copywriting services to fill this void. As all Optimum7 clients already know; CONTENT IS NOT AN OPTION. It is the most essential element of all Internet Marketing, including Social Media Optimization.

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September 2, 2011