SEO Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriting ServicesContent is unquestionably the most important factor in achieving high rankings on major search engines. Fresh, unique and original content goes a long way in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Optimum7 SEO Copywriting Solutions gives our clients a head start, taking care of one of the most important factors in SEO.

An average webpage indexed in Google is about 400 words. There are over 50 million unique sites on the Internet and over 60 billion pages of content. This is a simple illustration of how important content is online. One of the best examples of this is Wikipedia. We will see Wikipedia results on almost every Google search. This further suggests just how important original and fresh content is for Google and all major search engines.

Optimum7’s experienced copywriters are experts in creating clear and concise SEO content specifically tailored to each client and its associated business and industry.

The world of Search Engine Optimization and Copywriting might be confusing at times for businesses. Optimum7 eases this process by taking the burden of creating original, fresh content off the shoulders of our clients. Upon completion of each article, our SEO experts review the content and optimize it for Google and all the major search engines. This process is essential, as it requires thorough examination and editing of the text of the content. This review funnel insures that our clients get the most original, fresh, relevant and optimized content to successfully compete for top rankings on the search engines vs. their direct competition.

Why do you need Optimum7 SEO Copywriting Services?

This begs another question. Why is Content so important? The best way to answer this is to try to better understand what we (our clients and Optimum7) face when we try to compete for visibility on the major search engines.

If, for example, you were searching online for a monument to memorialize a loved one and let’s say you went to Google and typed in the keyword “memorial monuments.” If you look at the horizontal blue stripe across the top of the page you will see that this page is displaying the top 10 results out of 28 million competing web pages. That’s 28 million! So how do you actually compete successfully? Do you think it’s just a matter of making a nice looking website? How about having all of the meta tags,  sitemaps and all of the other internal or structural components correctly done? Do you think that alone will compete successfully to a top page on Google, above and beyond the other 28 million pages?

Hopefully, you get the picture. I am sure there are several hundred SEO companies that know how to implement meta tags… there are still only 10 results on the first page… AND… 68% of searchers do not go past the first page!

So what separates them from you? It comes down to backlinks… yes backlinks… quality backlinks. Backlinks are one-way links from other websites pointing directly to content on your website. Google sees these backlinks as votes of approval and relevancy for the associated content and keywords. How do you get these backlinks? Content… unique content (no plagiarism allowed… besides, the spiders are too smart for that). How do you get the most backlinks?  By creating, publishing and syndicating the most amount of high quality content.

Is there more to it than that? Sure. However, if you understand that high volume, high quality content implemented both on the web site and off of the web site is the key to generating high quality, relevant backlinks, you understand and accept what few in our industry accept, understand or are willing to deal with. It’s the backlinks that score the points. The highest scores get the highest ranks. The highest ranks get the highest visibility.
BY THE WAY… if you actually do go to Google Search and type the keyword “memorial monuments” you will find a client of Optimum7 listed on the first page. We got there through CONTENT and the resulting backlinks.

Visibility will bring traffic, business, leads and clients for your business. In online marketing, visibility requires original, fresh content to be constantly created. With decades of staff experience in Search Engine Marketing, Optimum7 knows each and every step it will take to bring traffic to your website through the high rankings in major search engines and through the social media. Optimum7 SEO Copywriting Services along with the proven Optimum7 Optimization techniques will ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Why do you need Optimum7 Copywriting Services?

Actually, if you have good writers or copywriters on staff that have the time, you may well not need Optimum7 Copywriting Services. The key is time, if they have many other ongoing tasks, you may need Optimum7 to shoulder this responsibility.

However, many of our existing clients do not have the staff, time or personal skill in writing / copywriting to generate content.

Most importantly, CONTENT IS NOT AN OPTION, IT’S AN IMPERATIVE! Only if we can generate a steady stream of unique, quality content can we have any reasonable expectation of high keyword rankings in the major search engines. Contact us for more information on our professional copywriting services.

September 2, 2011