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The problem is simple: You have already created a website but you are not getting enough leads or sales. You type in relevant keywords about your business on Google, Yahoo or Bing and you are not on the 1st page.

The Solution: Optimum7 SEO

What Is Optimum7 SEO?

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) generates high rankings on all major search engines so that your potential customers can find you when they “Google” or “Yahoo” certain keywords and/or phrases, which we target to be exactly tailored to your business. Statistics show that few online searchers go past the 1st page when searching. If your business gets listed after the 1st page, then visits to your site will not be sufficient to generate a decent return on your investment. Achieving top page 1 rankings is therefore critical to the success of any company’s website.

Our Focus

Optimum7 SEO is focused on increasing organic traffic AND the conversions that result from this traffic. Organic traffic is traffic that is initiated by a relevant search on Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other search engines. Conversions are the successful conclusion to the onsite visit as defined by the “job description” of the website which may include an ecommerce sale, form completion, phone call, subscription signup or download.

We simply ask:

  • Does your company’s visibility generate the necessary traffic?
  • Does this traffic generate leads?
  • Do these leads generate sales?
  • Are those the most profitable sales?
  • What is the return on investment (ROI) for your online strategy?

Our Processes

Despite what any online marketer will tell you, you can count on this – Search Engine Optimization can take as long as 6-12 months to achieve measurable results in terms of high visibility on the major search engines. Look at almost any of your recent searches on Google. Take notice of how many “competing” pages exist. For instance, if you type the keyword phrase “sporting event tickets” you will see that almost 4 million competing pages exist for this one specific keyword phrase. So getting to the first page (top 10 positions) is no insignificant task.

Optimum7 regularly achieves page 1 rankings and even #1 ranking (top of page 1) for our clients. Accomplishing this takes time, and simply cannot be done quickly. There are literally hundreds of important factors that affect keyword rankings. Our clients rely on us to know what those factors are and to implement our unique processes to effectively produce those crucial, and highly coveted top search engine rankings.

The following highlights the key stages of our process. Each step in the following outline involves literally dozens of sub-steps and milestones.

  1. Extensive Keyword Research – Optimum7 uses both free and paid tools for this process. We go beyond commercially available keyword research tools through development of more advanced tools to determine the full array of relevant terms and phrases actually used by searchers seeking our clients’ products and services. Importantly, our keyword research is not limited to massive research only at the outset of our work; we conduct continuing keyword research on a regularly scheduled basis to identify new terms as the keyword universe is constantly changing actually resulting in new trends. About 3 in 5 searches involve more than 3 words … a phrase not just a keyword. This is testament to the maturation of web searchers understanding that the more specific your search, the more targeted and relevant are the results. Optimum7 stays on top of this by continually researching and uncovering new terms. This is a significant competitive edge that Optimum7 clients truly benefit from.
  2. Competitive Analysis – Optimum7 conducts extensive analysis of your competition, most often defined as those who are already on page 1 of Google and elsewhere. It is important to determine those factors that have resulted in their success as to visibility. For instance, it’s critical to know the full breadth of keywords that the competition is ranking well for and which ones they are not ranking well for. Further, we identify the number and quality of backlinks (one way links pointing to the competitors’ website) so that our client can get those backlinks and new, even better backlinks to gain the competitive advantage we seek. As with keyword research, we conduct competitive analysis consistently to continually monitor what the competition is doing and to assess our progress towards achieving our mutual goals.
  3. Website Analysis / Website Creation – All SEO begins with the foundation of all SEO activities … the website itself. We call this Onsite Optimization. This involves dozens of individual elements and many processes all pointing towards the objective of making certain that each page of the website is communicating to the search engines, accurately and precisely, exactly what each page is all about and how each page relates to the other pages of the website. Sometimes this process involves a complete redesign or a website reconfiguration to insure that the website has the infrastructure to support advanced SEO processes and techniques. For instance, it is absolutely critical that websites are supported with a Google-Friendly Content Management System or CMS. Google prefers WordPress … therefore Optimum7 prefers WordPress. WordPress not only is Google Friendly, it is an open source CMS which means that Optimum7 can add to WordPress by creating plugins that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our SEO processes. See recent WordPress Plugins developed by Optimum7.
  4. SEO Copywriting – New content, usually in the form of articles, press releases and blogging are the essential fuel sources for both onsite optimization and offsite optimization. The consistent addition of fresh content both on the website and promoted off the website are essential to keep the website fresh and relevant as well as to increase the number and the quality of relevant backlinks. Backlink Quality is the single most significant factor used by the search engines in ranking keywords on a keyword for keyword basis. The quality of content is now even more essential as the series of Google Panda Updates has really dictated. Optimum7 has responded to these updates through the writing and publication of Power Articles. Power Articles are highly detailed and descriptive articles that demonstrate a level of relevance, credibility and authority to further demonstrate to Google and website visitors the command and expertise about the relevant subject matter. Some Optimum7 clients write their own articles; however, most Optimum7 clients prefer to use our services primarily so that they can focus on running their businesses.
  5. Social Media Optimization – Optimum7 employs the Social Media including Social Sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon to promote content that we create. This is a great source of quality backlinks and further justifies the importance of quality content including Power Articles to generate the highest quality backlinks. The Social Media is a major target of Optimum7 article promotion activities, all with the goal of generating the highest quality backlinks.
  6. Power Backlinking – It’s not enough just to send targeted backlinks with specific anchor text from high quality sites. Google’s algorithm is getting more sophisticated by the day. Optimum7 understands this challenge and optimizes its processes based on Google’s technology. Building an authority-level website in a specific niche or industry is much more than pushing links to a couple of pages to rank for a couple of terms. Optimum7 researches competition, the industry, the whole keyword universe, Google suggestions and synonyms to create a power back linking strategy. Power Backlinking is ultimately all about “digging deep” to get the best backlinks linking to deep pages within our clients’ websites.
  7. Conversion Optimization – it is just not enough to get lots of traffic. Optimum7 clients would not renew our agreements if the traffic just came and left … they need to convert to generate the desired ROI. Optimum7 has developed and continues to develop highly sophisticated Analytics so we can determine the real human interaction with the website. The analytics provide crucial information to determine what is working well and what is not working well. We also determine how to address the data by employing split testing so that critical landing pages are adjusted and improved to generate desired conversion results. This is a constant, continual process to improve conversion rates by testing dozens of on-site elements.
  8. Local SEO – while all of the above processes are relevant to Local SEO processes, local businesses need more. They require geo-targeting so that only those who are seeking products and services in their local area will find the Optimum7 Local SEO client. Google increasingly uses local factors in its rankings for certain kinds of products and services that lend themselves to local relevance e.g. Doctors, Lawyers, Hospitals, Electricians, Plumbers, Landscapers, etc. Sometimes national online businesses have local stores … they need Optimum7 Local SEO to increase their store traffic as well. Optimum7 Local SEO targets geographic keyword combinations of course. However, we also use Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local,, Yelp and other key sources of local search to generate local SEO traffic.

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November 9, 2011