Conversion Optimization

Achieving the highest rankings on search engines and driving heavy traffic to your website does not complete the success strategy when it comes to internet marketing. The traffic is worthless if the site fails to convert. This is why Optimum7 includes Conversion Optimization in its definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When visitors arrive to your site, the goal is for this visitor to convert as a sale or lead depending on the site’s objective. Conversion Optimization is the bottom line when evaluating the success or failure of a website and its associated Internet Marketing Strategy.

What is the Website’s “Job Description?”

When you hire someone to join your business / company, you likely have a certain job description for that person. The job description lists and organizes the duties and responsibilities of that individual. Your website should have a similar set of responsibilities. What is the role of the website in your business? What are the objectives and contributions of the website to the business? There must be an objective for the website. There must a defined set of measurable criteria that the website must achieve. This all starts with defining and describing exactly what constitutes a successful website visit. Ecommerce Sites all seek a sale that is made online and preferably without any human interaction. However, beyond the obvious, what else constitutes website visit success. Those not offering ecommerce are likely looking for a form or questionnaire completion for follow up. Other websites prefer a direct phone call to a sales executive or other customer service individual. Still others are looking for an email / newsletter signup as a critical first step towards building customer relationships. All of these potential job descriptions come down to conversions … the transformation of a visitor to an engagement as defined by the website’s job description.

Measuring Website Performance

Optimum7 has developed a sophisticated set of processes and formulated proven methodologies that identify, with great precision, what is working and what is not working in terms of meeting conversion goals. Conversion Optimization begins with monitoring, through sophisticated analytical software, the human interaction with landing pages designed to convert or lead to conversion. The stats are used to test web page factors, usually split-testing different versions of the same page to identify the best combination of design features that lead to the best conversion rates. Optimum7 specializes in implementing split testing involving numerous elements including website design, copy, text, content variations, links and images as ways to test and improve conversion rates. The methodology results in the creation of specific set of elements on web pages that foster increased, and ultimately, maximum conversion rates.

We offer several test methods to monitor response to headlines, content, image and links as they relate to converting visitors into customers. We process complex data encompassing several variables assessing the geographical, demographic, frequency and behavior of potential customers so that we may implement the necessary measures to improve your site’s conversion rates. Optimum7 specializes in:

  • Metrics Analysis: This provides Optimum7 with the information needed to determine the human interaction with all of the web pages; which pages are working and which ones aren’t. Identifying and quantifying the problem is the first step towards fixing the problem, in this case, with Conversion Optimization processes and techniques.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Our goal is to see your landing page conversions and stats significantly increase. These pages are designed to engage customers while promoting a call to action with prompts suggesting to contact, request or purchase. This is accomplished by using the data to create new versions of the landing pages, not assuming anything and split testing these pages and let the visitors tell us which ones are working by monitoring the stats.
  • Sales Optimization: If your conversions are measured in sales on your site, e.g. shopping cart sales, your specific pages in your shopping cart are your landing pages. Making sure all of the correct elements are included to make the shopper’s experience fast, easy and secure are critical towards actually closing these sales.

Traffic vs. Conversions

All commercial websites desire increased traffic as well as conversions. However, often times the opportunity available via Conversion Optimization is actually much greater. Consider a website that is currently getting 150 visitors a day to the website and let’s say 100 of those are coming from organic search. Now, if the current conversion rate is at 1.0%, holding everything else equal, the site would need to attain traffic growth to 300 visitors per day with a likely increase of all 150 coming from search to double the number of conversions. This can be a tall order in certain industries depending on the relative competitiveness in the marketplace.

However, consider that we instead employ Conversion Optimization processes and techniques to double the conversions … all it takes is going from 1% to 2%. In addition, consider that you are already dealing with a known, predictable audience of 150 visitors a day. They are predictable because you are monitoring the onsite behavior of your website audience. You know where they are engaging and where they are exiting. You know which pages are converting and which ones are not. Then you employ further testing to improve the engagement of your best pages to improve the performance of these pages towards your initial goal of doubling your conversion rate. The process is very deliberate … monitoring … make changes … monitoring … make changes … this all leads to improved and ultimately optimized conversion rates. Consider the impact of going from 1% conversions to 5%. 10% and more. This is all possible with great techniques, experience and perseverance.

An additional benefit here is that optimizing your conversions will also naturally increase your traffic due to factors like social bookmarking and social media where people share their “good experiences” with like-minded individuals. As you can see this can become quite a virtuous cycle by keeping at this and avoiding complacency.

Factors Important to Conversions

Increasing time on Website Pages, Reducing the bounce rate and the exit rate, increased page views are all signs of improving conversion metrics. If you increase your conversion rate from 2% to 4% you double your sales with plenty of further upside potential. Just consider what you would invest to double your sales.

Our goal is to provide the best analytical methods to make the best decisions regarding strategy. If you are looking to maximize your conversions, profits or revenues you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Conversion Optimization is not presented to our clients as an additional option. It is essential to the success of any internet marketing program so we include it as a standard facet of our Search Engine Optimization service.

December 19, 2011