Case Study – Back Pain Relief Services Company

Situation Analysis

This client hired Optimum7 in August of 2009. At the time of hire, the company’s website had already had a measured amount of success for the previous 6 years dating back to 2003. The site offers information and solutions for the full range of back pain related issues. In July, 2009 the site had about 40,000 visitors come to the site via organic search involving about 20,000 unique terms. The client, however, sought to bring the website to the next level and to achieve significant new traffic via organic traffic as a further supplement to their already fine traffic numbers coming from both organic and paid search on all of the major search engines.


The main challenge is one of the math; i.e. already big numbers. Optimum7’s compensation is paid for in large measure on a Pay for Performance Basis. Specifically, the amount for our fees varies based on the percentage increase in organic site visits. So, were starting with a number of 40,000 so large percentage increases are obviously more challenging. However, based upon preliminary keyword research, we felt confident that we can achieve significant results that will meet and exceed the profit goals of both companies.

Solution Implementation

All Optimum7 SEO implementation begins with extensive keyword research and competitive research. The client was requested, and provided, a list of the top 25 terms that he felt were the most important. This was used as valuable input as a part of the research process. The following is an outline of the initial processes that were followed:


  • Review Site Structure and Elements
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • Keyword Research on Industry and the Competition
  • Niche Terms Research
  • Competition Back link research for top 10-20 keywords
  • Provide Client with Keyword List. Have Client identify any /all irrelevant / negative keywords.
  • Determine Link Saturation, Quality and Anchor Texts
  • Setup Link velocity monitoring for Client and Competition
  • Blog Research
  • Plan Social Bookmarking strategy and review existing accounts

We then moved forward to Onsite Optimization which obviously involves strictly on-page elements that serve as the foundation for all future onsite and offsite optimization. Here are those processes focused upon onsite optimization:


  • Google Analytics Installation / Review
  • W3 Validation & Minimize JavaScript, CSS, and overall errors
  • Optimize Meta Tags, Titles and Headers for Top Levels
  • Check and Optimize Proper Site Structure
  • RSS Feed Validation / Creation
  • Authenticate Static URL
  • Create / Review Dynamic Sitemap and Submit it to Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Social Bookmarking Installation: Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon etc. (if applicable)
  • Data feed creation and submission to Google (if applicable)


  • Continuing Keyword Research
  • Article Topic Research
  • On Site Article Creation – 30 articles per month plus additional content assigned to client for Optimum7 Implementation
  • RSS Feed Updating & Pingback
  • Specific Article Pages and Optimization
  • Press Releases – 4 per year for this client
  • Viral Video Implementation and Submission
  • Meta Tag Testing
  • Blog Development, if applicable

With ongoing onsite optimization moving smoothly we proceeded to the 2nd major track of SEO, Offsite Optimization. All offsite optimization is geared towards generating high quality and high quantities of highly relevant, naturally occurring backlinks. Backlinks are one-way links that originate outside of the project website linking to / pointing to relevant content on the client’s website. Quality Backlinks are the single most important differentiator that Google uses to actually rank websites keyword for keyword. The fuel for all backlinks at Optimum7 is CONTENT; articles, blog posts, press releases, videos, podcasts and more. The following outlines the processes involved offsite SEO.


  • Social Media accounts setup
  • Essential Directory Submission
  • Backlink Research


  • Great Content Generation for Great Link Quality Generation
  • Article Syndication
  • Backlink implementation
  • Viral Video Syndication
  • Press Release Syndication
  • Social Bookmarking Submissions and Popularity
  • Social Media Backlinking


Optimum7 is focused on results based on the processes just outlined. The most important data will be reviewed here as follows:

  • Organic Traffic from searches
  • Number of Keywords used to actually land on the site
  • Backlink Growth

Organic Traffic

As the chart indicates monthly organic visits have increased sharply over the past 18 months since Optimum7 took on the project. The data source is Google Analytics.

Keyword Breadth and Diversity

It is not enough to just try to rank for 10 or 20 keywords. 60% of searchers enter 3 or more words to find what they are looking for. They want to be specific to get the best results. This is why keyword research is an ongoing process to identify those keywords and phrases being used to find our clients. As the graph illustrates, the client now enjoys being found by 43,000+ keywords at the time of publishing this case study. This is achieved through targeting these keywords and phrases then writing specific content, indexing the content and syndicating the content to generate the quality backlinks that make all the difference towards achieving success online.


It must be emphasized that while the growth in backlinks is, in fact, impressive, it is the QUALITY of the backlinks that influences Google much more than the quantity of your backlinks. This graph only measures quantity obviously. Nonetheless, the more than 3 fold increase is further testament to the positive effect of content on backlinks. Backlink Quality is determined by the authority quotient of the linking page / site. It makes sense that Google provides much more weight to links coming from higher authority sites, sometimes measured as PageRank.


This Back Pain Relief Services Company came to Optimum7 with good results but sought the next level, with particular focus on organic results. We have in fact achieved the next level and now implementing new methodologies to move the site’s results to a new stage. These methodologies evolve through our own internal research as well as additional information coming directly from Google Engineers primary at yearly conferences, particularly PubCon and SES. We are continually split testing on-site conversion strategies in an effort to maximize the business resulting from website activity. Additional proposals from Optimum7 are being considered as an ongoing, continuing effort to grow the business through professional Internet Marketing from Optimum7.

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August 29, 2012