Case Studies

Seeing is believing of course.  Internet Marketing / SEO is often times hard for business owners to understand as it involves so many interdependent processes and steps.  However, everyone understands RESULTS when they can actually see them.

Here you can learn about actual client situations … clients that came to Optimum7 disappointed, frustrated or even angry about results they were getting prior to hiring us to help them out.

These Case Studies include:

  1. Situation Analyses
  2. Challenges at the beginning or during our work
  3. Solutions
  4. Results – real data plotted and graphed

Note:  Optimum7 does not share the names of our clients publicly in these Case Studies as they are private companies and wish their information to remain private.

Feel free to review each and every case study here and keep coming back as we add to these to illustrate unique situations in diverse industries and markets.

Obviously, if you would like to see results like this for your business, just click here to Contact Us.

August 29, 2012