Pay Per Click Management Services

The problem is clear: You have already created a website but you are not getting enough leads or sales. You are either confused or disappointed because you’re spending money with Google AdWords to generate ads, leads and sales, but the leads and sales are not happening in the numbers you had hoped, and your business is not growing.

The Solution: Optimum7 PPC Management.

What is Optimum7 Pay per Click Management?

Our PPC (Pay per Click) Management service generates high visibility, high-click through rates and high conversion rates (leads or online sales).

We simply ask:

  • Are you getting enough clicks?
  • Do the clicks generate conversions (leads, sales, form submissions, phone calls sign-ups, etc)?
  • Are you tracking all your conversions?
  • What is your CPA (Cost per Acquisition)?
  • Are your conversions the most profitable they can be?
  • What is the Total Return? What is your ROI?

Technically, anyone can do their own PPC campaign. Just contact Google or Bing and they will be happy to take your money and you will have a PPC campaign. But, will it work? If you are reading this, it probably hasn’t worked or you already realize that it involves more than keywords and a checkbook. Optimum7 is entirely focused on the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

Our Focus

Optimum7 concentrates all PPC Management Services towards optimization of the following 6 essential business elements:

  • Click-Through Rate – the percentage of clicks vs. impressions.
  • Quality Score – the rating by Google in AdWords of your ad. The higher the Quality Score the lower the cost per click (CPC) on a keyword for keyword basis.
  • Conversion Rate – percentage of visitors to your landing pages who have done exactly what the pages are designed to do i.e. buy a product or fill out a lead form).
  • Cost per Acquisition or CPA – the cost of the ads divided by conversions.
  • ROI – the sales figures generated over a defined period of time vs. the marketing cost.
  • Maximum Tracking – We track everything!

Our PPC Methodology


  • Extensive Keyword Research – Optimum7 uses a robust array of free, paid and in-house tools and procedures to identify all relevant “keywords of opportunity.” This research is the most essential component of setting up any paid search campaign. Many factors are involved including relevance, search volume, cost per click range and other competitive quotients to determine which keywords present the greatest opportunity in terms of the goals of the campaign. Keyword research must be continually done as trends are always changing at an amazing pace and is therefore important to keep the campaign on track and up to date. This continual keyword research provides Optimum7 clients a unique competitive advantage vs. their competition. The goal is to have a “keyword universe” for the campaign that can be organized into categories and AdGroups for the development of landing pages and conversion optimization.
  • Competitive Analysis – Optimum7 conducts extensive competitive analysis of those appearing in Ads using the same keywords we are targeting. We review everything including the Adtext, the landing pages, the amount spent on each keyword on a daily and monthly basis. We use the most sophisticated tools to identify exactly what the competition is doing and plan our strategy accordingly.
  • Website Analysis / Landing Page Creation – Landing Pages must be created as part of the PPC Setup process to associate the group of keywords (AdGroup) with a specific, highly targeted and relevant landing page. In Ecommerce applications, the landing page will almost always be the product page. But for other products and services it is best to create new landing pages from scratch. It is critical that landing pages are obviously relevant to the ad linking to the landing page. The page must be focused on action providing a direct line continuum between the original keyword, the Adtext and the landing page itself. Any deviation will result in the prospective customer bolting from the page. So, clearly, landing page creation and development is central to successful PPC campaigns.


  • PPC Analytics – It is not enough to just “set it and forget it” when it comes to paid search campaigns. No one can know ahead of time how everything will work. The use of sophisticated Analytics is critical to measure results to produce the data necessary to make intelligent decisions and truly manage the campaign towards achieving all of the important metrics already mentioned above:
  • Click Through Rate
  • Quality Score
  • Conversion Rate
  • CPA
  • ROI
  • Optimization – with the data now available, the real management of a successful PPC campaign is actually possible. We respond to this data with certain actions which often involve split testing to compare the human response to various approaches. This testing can involve 100’s of elements but all focus on the performance and optimization of the Ads themselves, the bidding, the landing pages to improve the CPA and ROI. The tools that we use at Optimum7 to split test and evaluate results are extensive and sophisticated. Of course, ROI is the ultimate result. However, optimizing the human interaction with all elements of the campaign are the components of optimizing ROI. Ultimately, we are trying to achieve an efficient continuum of knowing the right keywords, optimizing for the most highly relevant ads, followed by equally highly relevant landing pages with clear value-driven calls to action. These are the building blocks of converting new business using PPC Conversion Optimization.
  • Consistency and Perseverance – it cannot be overly emphasized how important it is to maintain consistent monitoring and defend against any feelings of complacency when it comes to PPC Campaigns. Take your eye off the ball for 48 hours and I assure you that you will see something you wish you saw sooner. Constant change requires constant monitoring to be prepared to act on the new data. Split-testing doesn’t always provide clear results so it is important to not give up on the process. There are hundreds of variables that can be tested for and unless you are testing for them in isolation (A/B Testing) or in combination (multivariate testing), you must continue this process, believe the results and stay at it.

As you have seen, Optimum7 PPC Management Services offers great benefits to serious businesses seeking to generate positive ROI using Google AdWords and many other PPC models available online. Contact us if you need help with your Sponsored Search on Google AdWords or Microsoft Adcenter, we can help.

December 1, 2011