by Anthony Calzadilla

Based on the Classic 1967 Cartoon Series

02 Spiderman Web
02 Spiderman Torso
02 Spiderman Thigh
02 Spiderman Foot
02 Spiderman Thigh
02 Spiderman Foot
03 LeftArm Spiderman 03 ForeArm Spiderman
03 Torso Spiderman
Screen04 Car Screen04 Web
Screen 05 Car Screen05 Tire Screen05 Tire
Screen05 Web
Screen06 Rarm Screen06 Rhand 06 Web
Screen06 Larm Screen06 Lhand
Screen06 Torso
Screen06 Thigh Screen06 Foot
Screen06 Thigh Screen06 Foot
Screen08 Arml Screen08 Handl
Screen08 Armr Screen08 Handr
Screen08 Torso
Screen08 Legl Screen08 Footl
Screen08 Legr Screen08 Footr
Screen 09 Spiderman
Screen 10 Spiderman
Screen 11 Strip Left Screen 11 Strip Right Screen 11 Tbar
Screen 12 Tbar
Screen 13 Tbar Screen 13 Spiderman
Screen 14 Spiderman Screen 14 Hand
Screen 15 Web Screen 15 Man
Screen 17 Spiderman
Screen 18 Spiderman Screen 18 Camerahand
Screen 19 Spiderman Screen 19 Fg

Animation can be a little jumpy the 1st time around...

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by: Anthony Calzadilla
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