Tips on Client Satisfaction in Internet Marketing Consultation

Attaining and maintaining client satisfaction is clearly important in any business.  However, because Internet Marketing and Consultation is so poorly understood by many, it presents a challenge for those providing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Sponsored Search, Social Media Optimization and Conversion Optimization as we do here at Optimum7. Another key hurdle is […]

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Google Reconsideration Requests

It’s like a massacre on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) these days. Google organic traffic is so unstable, and we see this across the board, not only in one or two specific industries. Business owners and webmasters are freaking out. All of us who live in the online marketing world would actually be shocked to […]

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How to Handle Large SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Clients

All SEO Clients require special handling. Why? Because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has unique characteristics unlike most things purchased or otherwise contracted for. These characteristics include: SEO is not well understood; even worse, many think they understand it but they don’t. In other words, those folks “don’t know what they don’t know.” This creates huge […]

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Automating Internet Marketing Processes

Internet Marketing involves hundreds of steps, many detailed, all of them necessary to ensure top level results. The sheer number of them dictates that internet marketing teams must develop a system, a set of processes to successfully conduct SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing, Brand Development, Paid Search Management, Conversion Optimization, Copywriting, Video Production, […]

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The Google Penguin Update Solution; I Lost All My Ranks and Traffic. Help!

Last Wednesday, I presented at SMX Toronto at the “Big Google Kitchen Sink Panel”. My presentation outlined how to build a Panda-proof content strategy, authority optimization, as well as Google’s top 10 do’s and don’ts for content. In addition, I presented a Panda reversal case study, the emerging importance of MicroData and backlinking strategies involving […]

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How to Write a Power Article

Last week, CEO of Optimum7, Arthur Cooper, recapped the concept of a Power Article. It is definitely a worthwhile read, especially for those of you who were unable to attend our SMX Toronto presentation. Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of what a power article is and why they are so imperative to your survival against Google’s Panda-Penguin algorithm updates… What’s next? This article shows you how to craft a power article.

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What is a Power Article?

There is a bit of a buzz among SEO professionals over the past few days since Duran Inci, COO of Optimum7 made a presentation at SMX-Toronto speaking of real and very specific strategies Optimum7 has been using for its clients in the Panda-Penguin phases of Google’s algorithm updates. One of the strategies is the writing […]

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How to Set Up an SEO Friendly Blog

People start blogging for many reasons but a blog that allows you to express your passions and interests always comes through as more genuine. Creating a blog begins with an idea and a desire to share information; but in order to be successful you must have a plan set in place. A plan will help ensure, that your blog will continue to grow in visibility, popularity, and bring in a continuous, steady flow of web traffic. Not just blogs but any site on the web needs to be able to be found by the right audience.

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