The Genesis of an Internet Marketing Company

Written by: Arthur Cooper, President & CEO

In May, 2005, I purchased a franchise through a company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that for the purposes of this writing, we will call “WebPlus.” WebPlus was originally founded in 1996 and was in the business of providing Internet Services, including web design, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and Online Backup Services. As I was told, the company had achieved varying degrees of success throughout the late 90’s, which encompassed both the boom and ultimate bust phase of the internet industry. In 2001, it morphed into a franchising company that would provide services through a central location for franchisees who would develop local relationships with businesses seeking internet services.

At one point, the company had close to 100 franchisees. However this did not prove successful. It became clear that the profile of the average franchisee selected was not business-oriented, and proved far too tech-oriented in their approach to the business. But, who knows… perhaps if they were trained under a proven method of doing the business, they might have succeeded.

WebPlus offered me (and a few others) franchise deals under a supposedly new model: that of awarding franchises only to business-oriented folks like me. While there were some examples of success, WebPlus, for many reasons, never marshaled all of the elements needed to bring the best results to the marketplace.

In a last attempt to “right the ship” WebPlus brought me in as the number one franchisee to be CEO of a newly refurbished company. However, this was short-lived as it became clear that the company did not have the necessary commitments, financial and otherwise, to actually present itself to the marketplace with the necessary “tickets” for success.

As this last gasp phase of WebPlus unfolded, I had to act immediately to protect my clients and move them to a better situation with stable and ever-improving results. At the same time, I sought to look to the future with a fresh team who could improve and expand the business and customer relationships I had already built.

I acted to negotiate a separation agreement with WebPlus, allowing me to provide full service to my existing clients with a smooth transition. In fact, all of my clients stayed with me and we moved forward without a hiccup.

I emerged with everything intact under the new name of Optimum7 in November, 2007. Duran Inci is now my full partner in the business, having come from a decade’s worth of successful experience in all phases of internet marketing, with particular emphasis on ecommerce and Search Engine Marketing. As for me, I bring what I bring to all businesses that I am involved with; a successful sales and marketing track record, and the operational experience that comes from owning and running a start-up since 1987.

Since the emergence of an independent and wholly-owned Optimum7, we have moved quickly to bring all of our clients to a new level in their online strategy and results. Proudly, all of our clients enjoy the benefits of having important keywords ranking on page 1 of the three major search engines. There is a clear cause and effect here. Prior to coming on board with us, our clients were in a “nuclear winter” online, having no online visibility and therefore no chance of being successful online. Through our proven SEO, PPC and other online processes and sub-specialties, their Google Keyword rankings have skyrocketed to truly elite positions in our clients’ targeted markets. We are bringing on new clients and the company continues to grow with them.

We continue to grow our client base and our capacities in personnel and infrastructure to support this fine growth. We continue to grow our visibility quotient as we are being found by increasing numbers of searchers, who are finding us through a growing set of relevant keywords. Our clients continue to refer us to new clients as well, as they continue to enjoy the benefits of Optimum7 Internet Marketing Services.

I am a simple guy. I came into this business with an initial idea that I am passionate about: the power of the internet lies in the power of its search engines. Those businesses that become visible through the search engines and who also have solid business models will be highly successful. For those who truly understand the power of the internet and are willing to engage it, the rise in the value of their business will be immense. If I can help businesses harness the power of the internet, become truly, highly visible, we will provide great value and can grow into an ever increasingly valuable business.

This passion is still there and growing stronger. At Optimum7, we look forward to great mutual successes with our clients as we “show the way” to true online success.

September 2, 2011