Email Marketing

Email MarketingOptimum7 Email Marketing is synonymous with Email Newsletters. We never advise our clients to email hard-hitting advertising copy, glitzy offers with special effects, etc. The reasons will be self-evident if you care to read on.

Successful Email Marketing has the following characteristics:

  1. Itʼs about the reader, not about the publisher.
  2. Obviously a Newsletter (giving and sharing) and not about selling.
  3. It reaches targeted Audiences (Clients and / or prospective clients).
  4. Audience is definitely “opt-in.”
  5. Itʼs not about instantaneous results but rather Long Term Commitment to the process of building relationships with clients. If you donʼt have this idea in mind, donʼt start … seriously … stopping your newsletter is a negative message to clients in particular.
  6. Consistency i.e. monthly and at the same time of each month.
  7. Attractive, leading edge design that will engage the reader.
  8. CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT. Did I mention content? Informative, interesting, well written and engaging content. Will they look forward to the next one?
  9. Quality Links to your website for more information.
  10. Feedback … solicited responses to help improve the newsletter and cover new topics.

Now for the nitty-gritty …


The hallmark elements of developing and executing a successful email campaign is content. The newsletter you send succeeds or fails based on the relevance and quality of the content. It should be reflective of your website and your business. If your website is meant to entertain, your content needs to be entertaining. If it is meant to educate, your content better be educational. The content needs to be about giving, sharing, nurturing, and improving, not be comprised of “in your face” self-promotion, sales or special deals. Your newsletter is a service to your customers and needs to be written from the perspective of what they need, and not from a shallow understanding of how it can serve you. Doesnʼt it make sense that better serving your customers is the best way to better serve your business?

Content must also have structural integrity. This means good HTML that has been tested for all email applications and all browsers. The receiver must see what you want them to see, so we make sure this aspect is tested thoroughly.


Your database is your audience – the list of people to whom you send your newsletter. Your list should be extracted from your client/customer base, prospective clients/customers, and your sector influencers. You should make sure that everyone receiving your e-mail newsletter either requested it or has a way to be removed from your list (clearly and easily marked in your e-mail).

Maintain your database. Add subscribers through your web-site sign-in and through any other customer/prospect content. Eliminate from the database those that unsubscribe to maintain the integrity of the system by responding to the wishes of the reader.

Make it easy for readers to “share with a friend” so they can benefit from the content and become an opt-in subscriber.


How your newsletter looks is crucial not only because it represents your company, but also because it greatly affects whether or not the reader will engage with it. A well designed newsletter is properly structured, compartmentalized, includes a clear delineation of all areas of content, integrated, has relevant images, and an identity that is stylistically consistent with your companyʼs identity. The inclusion of relevant links to specific pages within your website is recommended to provide those most interested the opportunity to learn more.


A basic marketing tool is to archive your newsletters prominently on your website. This creates more opportunity to engage the readers and can become a great source of on-site and off-site content for Search Engine Marketing purposes, particularly Organic Search Engine Optimization.


How many readers opened the email when you sent the newsletter? How many clicked through to your actual site? These are crucial pieces of information needed for you to make the necessary adjustments and enhancements that make your newsletter a more productive part of your marketing strategy, particularly over the long haul.

Optimum7 Email Marketing provides our clients with a complete and comprehensive Email Newsletter service, including Newsletter Template and Design, Copywriting Services, Acquisition of Targeted Opt-in Email databases, Secure Server transmission, and real-time monitoring and management.

September 7, 2011