Custom SEO Package

Custom SEO PackageAs Internet Marketing Experts , and through our consultative processes, we have often encountered unique issues, problems and opportunities, that fall outside of the definitions of our services as described throughout our website.

Let’s take one example of such a situation. An Optimum7 client wanted to increase the number of sales actually completed on the website vs. ordering by phone or fax. The client, however, had a very custom-oriented product and the entire business was based on the ability of the customer to customize the product for corporate promotional items and other specific events. Since the website was now getting a lot of traffic as a result of Optimum7 SEO , the number of phone calls coming in to custom order, while welcome, was becoming an issue in terms of staffing and overall efficiency.

What the customer could not do was actually see what the final product would look like before making a final order. To bridge the gap, the customer would pick up the phone and speak to a live person to make sure that the order was understood and would be done correctly.

The missing link was one of preview. For instance, while the customer could go onto the site, select the item, the quantity, upload the logo, add customized or stylized text and complete the order, the customer couldn’t get a preview … a rendition of what would be ordered before they entered their credit card. This creates the impulse to interrupt the ordering process, pick up the phone and call our client.

The client contracted with Optimum7 to develop custom software that served to eliminate this problem and drive more business on and through the website rather than involve the phone and fax machine. Our programmers were able to provide a step by step preview of the customizable items as they were being designed online by the customer giving the customer instant feedback. This gives the customer immediate results and PEACE OF MIND that the product would be delivered exactly as was intended.

How does your website perform? Are there elements you wished it had that would help drive sales and profitability?

Consider Optimum7 for custom programming services to bring your website to a new level of efficiency and professionalism.

In case your imagination escapes you, consider these areas for web-based solutions to take the burden off your in-house systems:

  1. Database & Database Management
  2. In-house database integration
  3. Project Management
  4. Newsletters
  5. Contact Management
  6. Lead Tracking
  7. Landing Pages for Optimum Conversions
  8. Online Interactive Forms with Database Linking
  9. Hosted Shopping Carts
  10. Streaming Video / On site videos / product demos
  11. Flash Video
  12. Host Introductions
  13. Click to Chat
  14. On-Site Search Engines
  15. Web-Site Chat Rooms and Forums
  16. Security Solutions

Just go to Contact Us and describe your application. One of our consultants would be happy to review your project with you.

September 2, 2011